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Full Version: Steel Lynx
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Anyone seen any pictures of the Steel Lynx drone? How big is it, really?
There are pictures of the Steel Lynx in the Fields of Fire sourcebook (2nd Ed). Unfortunately, I don't have the book with me at the moment, nor do I have a scanner. It's one of the cooler-looking drones I think, like a small tank with four independent "arms" at each corner with a wheel on each end, so that it can traverse difficult terrain easily, or pop up from behind cover.

There is a comparison picture as well, with a human standing next to it. IIRC, it's fairly large (like a human could sit on top of its turret and take a ride), but it's very low to the ground, maybe 2.5-3 feet tall, with the capability of raising up to about 6 feet or so on its "arms". All from memory here, so I may be off some. Anyway, it's a cool drone, I think, but it definitely looks to be military equipment.
Ah, sweet. I knew i sounded familiar. Now I just gotta pull out my old SR2 and earlier books from storage...
Yeah, they are rocking. I'd like to think I was not the only one that wanted to make a dwarf rigger, and modify one so he could ride on it.....
Here's a clip of your Steel Lynx from the FoF sourcebook.
According to the picture could navigate through standard doors?
Would it have to make a driving test of some type?
It looks no larger that a baby stroller...

I can't see why one would need a driving check, seeing as - unless your rigging it - the drone's pilot seems to manage well enough on its own...
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