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Full Version: Yakuza names
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Since I currently have very little to do, I've decided to write some SR4 characters in an attempt to kill time.

Anyway, one of the characters I've come up with was a Yak bodyguard/hired muscle/enforcer, but I can't think of any decent names for this particular group.

I was thinking that they were information/data peddlers, and so while they had little physical presence they had a lot of clout from all the information they collected...I also had a vague notion of them using an ouroboros as a way of identifying themselves, but I couldn't think of a name.

Any help would be appreciated.
Say that again?
Ok, maybe my wording was somewhat craptacular then, so let me start again.

I'm trying to write a new SR4 character, and part of his background is that he worked for a group of information brokers...if any of you have read Mona Lisa Overdrive (I reread it last week, which is what got me thinking), then I was thinking of a group/individual along the lines of Swain in the book...they make their living by selling and trading favours, information, any sort of valuable data. Which means the only hired muscle they'd have is the odd bodyguard to protect their more valuable hackers, and my character is/was one of them.

Problem is, I can't think of a decent name for the group, so I was asking for ideas.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, an ouroboros is a snake biting its own tail, 's a symbol for infinity.
so are you naming a yak bodyguard or a info broker group? Either way, if you want a good name, look up common japanese names online or use a translator to translate a name you find cool or fitting.
If I understand, what he wants is the names of yakuza groups, ex: The Crazy 88s from Kill Bill. Unfortunaly, I dunno any good yak group names.

edit: spelling
Okay not sure how accurate this is but how about Crimson Lotus or Black Crane.
Kanada Ten
There are several canon Yakuza clans, noteably the Watada-rengo and Shotozumi-rengo; Nishidon-gumi, Honjowara-gumi, Shigeda-gumi, Sumiyoshi-gumi, Michigunso-gumi, Kihara-gumi...

From RL we have the Yamaguchi-gumi, Meiraki-gumi, Miyamoto-gumi...
Neon Chrysanthemum...
Most often, the name of a Yakuza clan is Family-gumi or -rengo, Kanada gave a number of good examples. Crimson Lotus or Black Crane sound more like a Triad name. "The Yellow Lotus" and "The Eighty-Eights' are SR triads in Seattle.

The "Neon Chrysanthemun" name is a rarity among Yakuza clans, but it is used mainly outside the Karatsua-gumi. "Neon Chrysanthemun" comes from the clans bio-luminescent tattoos.

One of the character's in my current campaign has ties to a small Yakuza gumi I created, the Komamura-gumi. That way I don't have to worry about keeping track of what I may change with one from canon.
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