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Full Version: Here's an interesting thought...
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Everybody here is always talking about connections between Shadowrun agencies and corporations and similarly-named RL ones.

Could there be a connection between Lone Star and Lone Star Comics ?

Probably not, but it sounds interesting.

An LE agency using a comic-book and RPG retailer as a front.


Only if it run by drop bears.
Another thought, descriptive thread titles so you can actually tell what they're about are really neat.
SL James
Yeah, like that'll ever happen.
They seem to reference existing corperations when pratical. In SR4 many of the games are obvious references to existing ones. They referenced Dragon Quest as Durzlean's Quest. I've heard a reference to McDonalds in the sixth age. I think they called it McHuge or something like that.
The ubbergeek
Yup, Mc Hugh I think. There is also Nukit Burgers, the relative of Burger Kings and Harveys.
QUOTE (SL James)
Yeah, like that'll ever happen.

Oh I know, but I like to hope. Guess it's just my fate in life to be perenially disapointed.
I'll bet we'd get more descriptive thread titles if we eliminated the second title line!
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