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Full Version: Bloodyguts: one of Mirage's Otaku
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Mentioned in System Failure pgs 12, 26 & 47. Otaku of Mirage, anti-BTL activist, active in (and against) Aztlan. Murdered (by the Whites) in 2064.
Intend to use him as an NPC (game set during System Failure timeline, though with SR4 rules). Don't recall any earlier references, and only have so many sourcebooks in searchable (pdf) format. So is this the first time he appears or is there more elsewhere? Just wondering.
HMHVV Hunter
He appears in the very trippy (but very cool) novel "Psychotrope." Apparently he kicked the BTL habit and became an anti-BTL activist after betraying his friend for another hit (resulting in said friend's death). I believe he's human, but his icon is that of a troll with his innards spilling out - which is how his friend looked when those psychos had finished with him.
Thanks HH. Really do need to read more of the old novels. Tried to order one the other day through Amazon-used, but got refunded when it got sent back to the dealer as "damaged in transit"- their last copy apparently. Wish they'd pdf them.
A *huge* Psychotrope spoiler:

[ Spoiler ]
Juicy. Thanks jester. Guess there's not any real doubt that
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