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I have spent several hours trying to look for some general archtypes to show my wife, so that she can get a quick feel for different roles on a team. (Mainly deckers ATM) There doesn't seem to be any wiki or archive anywhere, would anyone have some deckers that they could post for me using the priority system or ,... Used the point system but can tell me how much the decks cost to build/buy?

I was also looking to develop a system that would read either the html or the xml output from Mackie's character generator, would anyone be interested in submitting some stuff? This would be sr3 or sr2 oriented.

Anyone know of some archetypes archives out there that I can look at, please?

You may find the Shadowrun NPC Wiki useful.
Omer Joel
I've created four new archetypes for SR4: Mercenary, Combat Hacker, Tech-Wiz and Thief-Adept. Feel free to use them or convert them to SR3.
QUOTE (Adam)
You may find the Shadowrun NPC Wiki useful.

This was the first place I checked actually ....

The problem is that they are NPC's and usually not archetypes.

Try this: Cernunnos Morrigu's Shadowrun FTP Archive

Left-click on "Archetypes" on the left-hand side of the page.

Good luck.

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