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Full Version: D20 to SR4 conversion
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I was wondering if anyone out there has done a D20 to SR3 or SR4 conversion. I have the Ultramodern Firearms book and I want to convert some of the weapons over to SR. I can do a rough weapon type conversion using the SR3 weapon building rules but I was looking for more concrete rules.

I think it is time the D20 moves to SR better and more superior games system.
While your motives are admiral, I question how useful it'll be. People change Shadowrun to other systems because they like the shadowrun universe but dislike the mechanics (strange, I know). But D20 doesn't offer any set universe I'm aware of, just a mix of universes that already have been broken to fit an inappropriate dice system. So why would you want to change it over? Just choose the setting you want and just change the Shadowrun mechanics to fit the setting.
I've not heard of any D20 to SR4 conversion. I was actually reading the d20 modern weapons locker a while ago with a view to introducing more variation in the standard guns available in SR4.

In the end I just decided to use the description as a guide for modifying the weapons listed in the RAW. As an example I considered the Desert Eagle to be equivalent to the Ruger Super Warhawk but with an automatic action instead of revolver action. I decided it held an extra two rounds in the clip for a total of eight and increased the price, although I can't remember how much by, off the top of my head.

Of course this might be tougher if you plan to do what I suspect and convert the D20 future weapons. I've not even read that book or it's supplements so for that you're on your own ^^
As nezumi points out D20M doesn't really have a setting, and usually the big draw for conversions are of some or all of a setting to a particular rule set. So if there is a weapon you want to convert just do it in name and spirit. What is the name of the weapon? Is it a RL weapon model? Because some time back Raygun did that for a number of ones for SR3, they are on Dumpshock, just go to the main page and follow the links. Will they get converted to SR4? Not by Raygun anytime soon, I don't believe he is playing SR4 yet and I get the impression he doesn't really have the time to spend on it even if he did.

If the CC rules showed anything it is the lack of feasibility in having concrete rules for custom creation that by themselves pop gear out the other end fully formed.

Just toss the idea out here, you'll get more than a few opinions to consider and then just pick what you think will work in your game.
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Raygun's firearms for SR3.

I imagine the easiest way to convert real modern firearms to SR4 would be to find the closest canon equivalent, remove all smartlinks, grenadelinks, etc., and, in case of designs you doubt will age well, maybe crap-ify it a bit to make up for it being 64 years old.
Like I said there is the slow firearm design rules from Cannon Companion but I was hopping for something a little quicker. Like I said I have the D20 book Ultramodern Weapons (an excellent book even if you don't play D20) which has a large list of military weapons from all over the world, plus an accurate list of official weapons used by the militaries around the world. It would be nice to convert these weapons to SR4 as it would give a more rounded approach to gun selection.

Thanks for the site, it will really help.
Given that you've got a wide range of firearms available in the SR4 BBB, converting a weapon from real life over to SR4 really shouldn't be that difficult. Find something in the game which fills that approximate role, change the stats (like fire modes, capacity, accessories, and the like) to match the real world gun you're trying to create, and voila.

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