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emo samurai
There are disputes even now over whether communities steal each other's rain with cloud seeding. I wonder how the Seattle government would take the fact that one pissed-off runner could make it hail in October.
A Shaman could do that in the middle of July with the proper spirit.
emo samurai
My point exactly.
Wounded Ronin
I'm pretty sure that unauthorized socially disruptive use of magic gives the authorities the legal right to pwn you.
I'm VERY certain that the Man don't like people playing god with the weather.

Dammit - is it in with the "Crime and punishment" section I've read in a few, older-type sourcebooks? Mand & Machine, Fields of Fire, ones like that?

Is it detectable, though? In what manner? Do you leave an astral signature on every drop of rain that falls? (THAT would suck.)
Signature on the rain or no, you're casting a bigass spell (or using a bigass spirit) to do this. Spell/spirit *will* have your signature on it, so if you're making it rain all the time in Seattle, eventually someone will look into it.

... assuming anyone notices, that is nyahnyah.gif
In order to affect any appreciable area, your spirit or spell will have to be summoned or cast at over Force 2. If you don't have a permit to have and use such spells at over Force 2, you are breaking the law.
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