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Full Version: To high Attributes?
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Well, not the attributes themselves, but the amount of BP spent on them. How does that work that they can spend that much BP? I do notice on many cases the amount of extra BP spent equals the bonus BP they got from their negative attributes. Please help!
the limit of half you BP does not apply to edge, magic, or resonance. If you look at the characters other attributes, you will see where the extra points were spent.

that said, the example characters are pretty broken. do check the latest errata, especialy if you have an older printing.
This version of SR has been one of the most errated versions I have ever seen. Doesn't Fanpro/Wizkids have any editors?
editors just as often mess up as clean up. i have an example from the robots section of d20 future where the writer clearly have in his notes that a robot will have one less feat then a starting human character. that got edited to starting robot characters not having any feats...

makes it very interesting when a later book introduce a feat that can only be taken when creating a character...
Thank you, that greatly helps my characters, who were getting screwed by having only 1 edge and very low other stats to compensate for having high magic.
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