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Full Version: Evil GM having fun
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This thread is inspired by another thread I created recently.
In any case one of the things I had a LOT of fun doing was having a PC traitor lick.gif

I canít tell you how much fun it was to have a PC giving the arch-villain info on the group. One of the things I loved was the inner torment the PC had on giving the villain information. The point is that the traitor PC wasnít evil to be evil; there was some real emotion with it. The anxiety and paranoia of the PC with their role was fun.

On the other hand I enjoyed the idea that some day the PC would betray the villain Ö fun all around.

Another thing I had fun with, was when the villain told the group they had a traitor among them. I know it doesnít make any sense to tip your hand, but it was awesome seeing the group question each other.

Ultimately they did nothing with the information, which was great Ö it gives the GM the green light to do whatever you want. On the other hand the PCs donít have any excuses if they let you have a spy among them.*

All of this is deliciously evil.

So has anyone else done this? How did it turn out?

* If the players donít do anything about the spy be gentle. I donít know about you, but I donít like being screw with all the time.
I wasn't a spy per say, I was in fact hired to 'clean' a fellow PC Tir Tangire spy after she had finished the job by the Ref. My character didn't shy away from wet work so this was a moral struggle for me not the character.
Game folded before i pulled the trigger but I had already stitched up both of my fellow PC's as ordered so I and the ref were pretty happy.
I've encountered a few games with that. I've never been the mole, but I've seen both good and bad outcomes to that. Bad nearly resulted in the dissolution of the gaming group, good was pretty normal. Depends mostly on the maturity of player involved and how far the 'mole' goes.
Wounded Ronin
I've not done it as a GM but it happened in a game that I was a player in. I was the mole, actually. A hermetic mage.

The game ended a TPK. I backstabbed the party after a battle and took a lot of stun damage and had wound mods. It was just me and one PC left. I cast a D power manaball on myself as the climactic last action and it killed us both, pumping power as high as I could since I was planning to suicide and didn't care about drain. One of the awesomest things I ever did in SR.
I did something like this during a one-shot, but I would be extremely hesitant to do it during a campaign unless there was a planned method for the spy to turn against the Evil NPC<tm> and become a true member of the team, otherwise it just turns into PvP (not really my cup of tea).

However, for this one-shot, I decided to have a little fun with the players. They were a group of professional mercenaries (none of whom had worked with each other before, but all of whom came well recommended) hired to infiltrate the temple complex at Tikal, figure out what the Azzies were doing there, and stop it if possible. One member of the group was introduced as a specialist in Azzie tactics, as well as the demolitions expert. I had talked to the player previously, and we had worked out that he was actually a plant from Aztechnology, trying to figure out who had really hired the team as well as disrupt their plans.

He played his role very well, working alongside the team quite nicely at first. Things got ugly when one of the other players (who was -not- in on things) suggested that perhaps the demo-guy could put together some explosive charges to give to each of them in case they got seperated, so that any of them could blow up the main temple if need be. The traitor was quite happy to do so, handing out C12 like candy. Only the Stealth-Troll (with Ruthenium suit) didn't take a charge, prefering to be sneaky than have a big boom on hand. The traitor then offered to guard the mage while he went Astral.

Everyone is sneaking around the jungle in small groups with the mage providing Astral overwatch when the traitor slices the throat of the mage's helpless body and triggers the C12 charges.


One character managed to scrape together two 11s on his damage resistance test, reducing the damage to Serious, but everyone else (except the Stealth-Troll) was fragged, and even the survivor and the Stealth-Troll were in the middle of Aztlan with a bunch of angry Jaguar guards hunting them. We counted it as a TPK.

Despite the outcome, everyone enjoyed themselves immensely, so I considered it a successful 'Run. As I said, however, I wouldn't put a traitor in a long-running campaign unless I knew the players would enjoy it, there's just too much room for out-of-character bad feelings.
Wounded Ronin
That's hardcore awesome, that story.

I think that PvP can work if everyone approaches it as a tactical challenge. Generally, 2 players vs. 2 players will have an overall smarter battle than 4 players vs. 1 GM brain.
Tell me, have you ever played Paranoia? It's the perfect system for evil GMs.
The best thing about that story is that it has a stealth-troll. The images that conjures in my brain are perfectly hillarious.
Roadspike, that's badass. Thanks for sharing.
Calvin Hobbes
At a convention, I once ran a two-day modern-day game based around the characters being elite thieves brought together to steal the world's most precious jewel. I also took aside each of the players and explained which of five international crime fighting organizations they belonged to. The group, all of whom believed themselves to be the only narc, imploded when two of them revealed their roles, and then shot the third because they thought he was lying, leading the group to implode.
Good stuff guys, especial Roadspike. Keep the stories coming if you got it. It is fun to read people's stories.
Sorry, don't have any additional PC traitor/spy stories.

The stealth-troll was actually something I'd been looking to try out for a while, just to see how feasible it was. I don't have the character sheet anymore (unfortunately), but I believe it was a combination of thermal dampening (boy that stuff overheated fast in the rainforest), a Ruthenium suit with maxed out scanners, quite a bit of sense-ware, and high stealth and edged weapons skills (for the quiet kill). The character probably also had either an Ares SuperSquirt or a silenced pistol, but mostly was designed to off sentries up close and personal. One of my players thought that the character would be fun, and would be a good suppliment to the Jungle fighter, general purpose gunman, swordsman/grenadier, and combat mage that made up the rest of the team (besides the traitor). It worked pretty well.
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