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Full Version: Rigger Question
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I see in the Rigger 3 some weapons do 9LN or something LN. What is LN damage and how does it work?
Naval ships use a different scale of damage than the normal scale. LN is Light Naval damage. There's also MN, SN, and DN. It's basically so you wouldn't be rolling 10,000 dice for whether you sunk that Powell-class carrier with a torpedo. Rigger 3, p.57, explains what happens when you hit a normal vehicle or person with a weapon meant for anti-ship use.
Short answer: if a character or vehicle that doesn't weigh tens of tons gets hit with something with a Naval damage code, they get instagibbed.
shadow run's version of palladium mega damage weapons.
Nothing left but two pairs of smoking boots.
A dragon enima
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