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Full Version: Ratings for unreated gear?
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OK, basically I'm lazy, but I need help and DS was the only place to turn...

I was looking for pics of survival gear, and it slowly dawned on me that there was a HUGE variety of "kits" out there. I wanted to expand the idea of gear, but specifically kits, so that they would be rated instead of a flat cost.

I want to come up with a list of items that come with a kit, at a base cost which would be rating 1. For more money, you get a higher rated kit, with either specific additions named by the player and GM approved, or you can roll the kit's rating to see if a particular thing is included in the kit (again with GM approval, and hopefully your GM won't make you roll because you forgot to list Band-Aids for your First Aid Kit)

Has anyone done something like this already? (If so, can I have it?)
If not, does this sound useful and feasible enough to make it worth putting together?
well, there were some good SR3 books that covered a lot of survival gear. Target: Wastelands is good for this.

rather than giving specifics as to the gears contents, it would probably be better to say specifics vary by brand, and rating gives a specific bonus depending on its rating. Say you get +rating dice to survival when using the kit in the intended enviroment, and +(rating/2) when in the wrong enviroment. an Artic kit wont be very usefull in the desert, and an urban kit isnt the best thing for the jungle.

a good survival kit should have the basics- canteen, compass, bug-spray, flashlight, sleeping bag, tent, and non-perishable food. some kind of bag to hold everything while you hike.

a higher-rating tent will be better quality- lighter and stronger materials, tarp underneath, and a cover over the top to collect the condensation. The higher-ratings will include cooking equipment, water purifiers, and so on. maybe a book listing edible plants, or dangerous insects.

At rating 6, i fully expect a generator, satelite link, and all the comforts of home. In a lot of ways, survival gear can be compared to lifestyles. rating 1 is a lot like street- not much good if the weather gets ugly. rating 2 is like squatter- decent shelter from teh elements, but not much fun. rating 3 is more like low- all your basic needs are covered, but the food isnt that great and entertainment is what radio broadcasts your in range of out there.
Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking... but how would it be priced?
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