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Full Version: Free spirits in a body
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I was reading up on free spirits and it said they cannot be banished or destroyed without knowing their true name. That is all fine and dandy and i understand that. Now if you have a free spirit such as a grand zombie or a good merger bug, who are stuck in physical bodies, and you hit it with enough firepower to tear a tank to shreds, what will happen. They cannot be killed, just disrupted but their flesh body wouldn't be able to take that kind of beating, not even with regeneration. Anyone have any idea of what happens? Maybe they get tossed out of the body?
Herald of Verjigorm
I don't remember a specific condition, but I see no reason why they couldn't regenerate the host body during the 28-force days that it takes to properly recover themselves.
If it is a Free Ally in a homunculus then it must be re-conjured. This requires a magician who knows its True Name. When re-conjured it can be given the Materilization power in place of the Inhabiting power.

There are no other specific rules for what happens to meatbound Free spirits when the meat is destroyed. I'd sugget that a Free flesh form bug has to be resummoned as well.
Any Free Spirit with regeneration should be able to regenerate its body.
But the regeneration could still fail if there isn't enough of the body left, meaning the spirit would have to be "rescued" by a magician. Good reason to have a hidden life.
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