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Full Version: Caribbean League Information?
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I've been out of the game for a few years and am curious: has any real Caribbean League information been released or just little blurbs here and there (a bit of this chapter, a mention here and there kind of a thing)?
Have you been out before or after the release of Cyberpirates ?
The last book I bought was the Germany Sourcebook, so let's say 10 years or so?
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Then yes, Cyberpirates has a good chunk of information on the Caribbean League. There is also a chapter on the Caribbean League in Shadows of Latin America, though that isn't released yet.
Great. Thanks. I worte up a long entry for Miami back in 1991 or so for a campaign I was working on that was clearly set in 2050. I was thinking about updating it to the current setting and wasn't sure if any new material had been written on the Caribbean League.

Has anything been done with the Hoodun/Voodoo types of magic yet?
Yes, voudoun has been covered in detail in Awakenings and Magic in the Shadows. Lots of stuff on loa and creating voodoo zombies. Target Smuggler's Havens also has a chapter on New Orleans, so there's probably stuff in there too.
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