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Full Version: Old age and Leonization
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I'm planning to play an old character... Maybe 50 or 60....

But I want first to know in what Sr3 book is aging covered?

I remember back in SR2 that you could prevent aging by having a leonization process... How is this covered in Sr3?

Thank you
James McMurray
IIRC once per year you pay 1,000,000 nuyen.gif and you effectively don't age that year.

As far as I can recal there have been no aging rules for SR. Someone mentioned some house rules for them here at one point, but I think the best option is to go on a character by character basis. Not everyone gets weaker the day they turn 60, and not everyone gets wiser when they turn 75.
Leonization is covered in SOTA'63

Requires 1 major treatment with maintenance every 6 months for the next 3 years.
the person is restored to age 21'sh.

base treatment is 1 month for <40.
for every 10 years over 40, treatment takes 2 weeks longer.

can be performed a limited number of times (I think = to your body) This does not affect the cells in the brain, and so a person can still suffer from loss of memory ... etc.

in sr2 you do not have body index... in sr3 you have 1 body index and costs 2mill with a street index of 2.5. rating is legal.
It says it only can be done a couple times, but the truth is that you won't need another rejuv for 40 years or so. This means that (when you want to be re-youthed) the tech will be advanced by another 40 years.

Take a look at the difference between SR 2023 and 2063, and then extrapolate (even linearly) another 40 years.

I've said it before, I think that tech progresses fast enough that the damage from each rejuv is reduced to the point someone could live forever.
Aging is not really covered in SR3.

Leonisation is covered in SOTA 2063.
It's very much not covered. In fact, we assume that older characters have tons of karma available, and that characters get progressively better as they age.
Is old age even an issue with most shadowrunners? Do most even live long enough to bother with retiring or worrying about leonization? I've always envisioned shadowrunners as trying for that brass ring of easy money knowing the alternative was a life with a SIN, 2.2 kids, a job as a wage slave, and all that being normal entails. They decide on a different path that either leads to glory or the grave.

As far as playing an older character, I did use a private eye in SR1 and just gave him a crapload of skills and equipment with fewer attributes to reflect his body getting older.
Herald of Verjigorm
QUOTE (stevenrockwell)
Is old age even an issue with most shadowrunners?

No, but for some players, even if they "win" the game, it is a hollow victory that their albino ork cyberzombie with borrowed time and a cranial bomb won't live to enjoy it.

Then (one remote control button press later) the rest of the group gets to split up what's left of AOCZ's loot and live for a good, long time with leonization treatments.
Shadowrunners are basically criminals. Very few hard-core criminals have a decent life ahead of them ... all they can look forward to is short-term luxuries.
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