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Full Version: How is matrix combat handled
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is matrix combat cunducted the same in all three modes (other than potential physical damage in Hot sim)? It seems a bit wonky, and certainly wouldn't be represented the same way in AR. How do you guys handle combat with IC in AR?
It is pretty much conducted the same. However, the effect each has on the damage tracks is different.

In AR, IC and Attack affects the Track of your Persona, which is (Sys/2)+8; limited by response. It dies, and your system crashes.

In Cold Sim, it affects your Stun track.

In Hot Sim, it can affect your stun track, or in cases with Black IC, your Physical Track.
Only certain attack programmes affect stun and physical, normal atttack allways affects your persona integrity.
True. Although, usually by the time I am in Sim, I am getting manhandled by Black IC.
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