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Full Version: comlinks response and signal attributes
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Shinobi Killfist
How do you improve the response and signal attributes of your comlink, both the decker examples raise theres to 5, yet I can't see how its done. System and firewall I can find how to upgrade but response and signal no idea.

I suspect its something for a later book, but I'm curious if I'm blind.
Don't have my RAW on hand, but I believe there is a table with the costs for increasing the traits to 6. I imagine this represents custom building your own one. there are also rules for building your own commlink in game using Hardware. I believe they are at the end of the wireless world chapter.
Take a look at p. 240 in the SR4 manual. It gives the costs for upgrading your commlink's response and signal attributes.
Shinobi Killfist
ah at the end of the drone section, don't knwo why I didn't think to look there. And the sample characters capped at rating 5 because of availability issues it seems since rating 5 is avail 12 and rating 16 is avail 6.

Thanks for the page number I was getting frustrated.
James McMurray
Rating 16 is availability 6? Sweet! wink.gif
Shinobi Killfist
QUOTE (James McMurray)
Rating 16 is availability 6? Sweet! wink.gif

god I suck at typing, I'll unjustly blame the dyslexia instead of my laziness though. biggrin.gif
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