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Full Version: Cyberlimb house-rule results?
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Look, we all know cyberlimbs are a bit wonky. Hopefully, Arsenal will come out and fix everything, but that's a long way off.
I've searched the boards and read (and participated in) the previous discussions, but I'm wondering how any of the previously suggested house rules have actually worked out in play.
I lot of house rules have been suggested, and while I'm all for hearing some suggestions again, now that we've had months and months of play time what I'm really looking for is feedback on rules that have been tried.
I'm looking for someone to say, "I made change x to cyberlimbs and everyone used limbs after that" or "I made x change to cyberlimbs and they still sucked" or something like that.
Failing that, unplayed ideas are always welcome.
I feel like house rules need to be made (more than just adding racial mods to limbs) but I'm hoping others' experience can help me find the balance between overpowered and suck.
Look for my house rules (SHP) in my signature.
Well it's easy for combat (melee combat-use cyberarm strength) but when you get to things that involve multiple limbs/torso it gets confusing. Like suppose you have a cyberarm, a cybertorso, and a cyberleg...and you dodge and....your head explodes
Eyeless Blond
QUOTE (Serbitar)
Look for my house rules (SHP) in my signature.

Yes, but how do they play? How do your cyberlimb rules compare in terms of actual in-game use to the original rules?

Unfortunately you may not be the right person to ask. I admire your system, but there have been so many changes from canon it's hard to get a read on what any single change would mean.
Moon-Hawk one really has any play experience? I guess they're even more messed up than I thought.
Sad but could be true. Cyberlimbs are terribly overpriced and underpowered in SR4... even with my favourite; the cyberweapons....

I wonder if its possible to get a ceramic/plastic cyberweapon for (un)detectability....?
I just ignore cyberlimb attributes and armor and just go by the characters main stats and armor. If a player wanted cyber arms that are really strong, I'd tell them to get muscle replacement or the bio version. The only mechanical reason to get cyberlimbs in my game is to put things like weapons, hydrolic jacks, and gyromounts in them.
Just got back from playing smile.gif (it's 2:35 am local time)

My character has two half cyberlegs with hydraulic jacks and two half cyberarms, one with a spur, the other is equipped with gyro stabilization.

We are using the RAW. Currently we are on a longer travel through a swamp, after our plane crashed due to strange things happening. Problem: the whole area is full of elementals, old monofilament wire-traps, automatd weapon platforms and strange magical creatures. (some old aztechnology research area, which is probably no longer in use.... we hope.)

It's a whole bag-of-fun to roleplay cyberlimbs: the whole party suffering from wet boots, leeches and mosquitos while you walk through the swamps bare-feet. having a smuggling compartement is also cool, because i can transport a strange commlink we found - the other survivors of the plane crashing can't be trusted from my opinion, and NOBODY will be able to get it out of my leg without ripping it apart.

hydraulic jacks are my best friend. there's nothing cooler then being able to leap at your foe from 12 meter away. In my opinion cyberlimbs are REALLY neat, if it comes to roleplaying them in hazardous environment.

I do also like the effect they have on my character regarding the rules (+3 recoil compensation, cyberspur, build-in comlink, datajack, hydraulic jacks, smuggling compartments, +2 boxes physical condition monitor). That's really not that bad, and you DO get a LOT for the essence and nuyen you paid. Also, these are effects NOBODY else can have. No physAds, no Magicians... it makes my kinda valuable for my party to be able to throw burst after burst at my foes with almost no recoil modifiers EVER.

After all, i'm kind of satisfied with the rules as written. No houserules needed.
Kez, I assume you are playing a human?

Other metatypes get kinda screwed with base human stats. But I think you touched on a really important factor about cyber-limbs that no one mentions. Problem is, there is a reason you don't have full cyber arms, and that is a bummer sometimes.
Samaels Ghost

I bet Delta ware is made out of Ceramics. Delta is pretty hard to detect.
Samaels Ghost

What kind of Agility, Strength, Body do those limbs have? With all the stuff you're packing into them I doubt they are that high... Not that number are all that matter but those limbs come with base 3 Agi/Str/Bod. That's not that great in the shadows....
My houserule has been that the stats of your limb equal that of your meatbod, except for Strength (which is set to racial maximum). If you up a stat, you have to spend a couple hours in a cybershop (or a couple days fiddling with the settings using your commlink) to bring your body back into sync with the cyberlimb, leaving you at a -1 per unsynced point of attributes with tests using that limb until you do. The only bonus stat that can be purchased for cyberlimbs is Strength.

Sadly, most of my players like this mod but none of them have cyberlimbs. Something about a group that's 4/6ths magical... indifferent.gif
My house rules invovled setting the cyberlimbs base at whatever you had, and then being able to buy up from there to your racial max. The idea was that cyberlimbs were inherently better, but were then ratcheted back to your meat bods abilities for safety reasons. If you had muscle augmetnation or bioware, your meat bod could keep up more and the cyberlimb would be adjusted to match that as well. In my game this worked well because it meant that unless you had special cyberlimbs, it didn't change your stats at all. It saved bookkeeping for my rules-ignorant sammys.

I also had house rules about overclocking it and risking hurting yourself. I tested it on one NPC, and it performed exactly as I hoped. Being, it worked for a round or two and then the dude got fragged by his own cyberware.
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