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Full Version: Ally spirits
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Straight Razor
Ok i'm looking at having an ally spirit, but i don't want anything broken.
something fun that compliments the Char.
so i'm looking for some tips. formuli ideas ect...
James McMurray
It's hard to tell what compliments a character without knowing something about the character.
Herald of Verjigorm
Dikoted AVS.
Well i think the most important thing you can ask yourself is what will your ally be helping you with most of the time? Combat, Illusion, Manipulation??

Do you have a totem/mentor spirit? Maybe it should be closely tied to that. Or maybe its something completely opposite with a funny reason like some kinda accident.

Maybe you summoned it because of some great need only it doesnt appreciate being used and will eventually turn on you.

A few ideas.
I have to agree with James. If you could describe the character, we could make more coherent suggestions. Without that, we're just shooting in the dark.
Calvin Hobbes
Ally spirit forced to take the shape of your dead girlfriend!
Give your ally the form of Classic Pac-Man (a 2d floating yellow circle with an opening and closing wedge-mouth) and talk your GM into letting it have the Engulf power. Alternatly, add a pink bow and let it by Ms. Pac-Man.
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