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Have there been any books for Shadowrun that have been published only as e-books (meaning no physical copies were published)?
Does the GM screen count? It's been out online for weeks, I believe, but the dead tree version isn't in stores yet.
At some point, Shadows of Latin America is slated to be published in PDF format only, but as yet nobody is sure of when that will occur.
I'd love an e-book GM's screen. since I mostly run online games, my normal one doesn't work well.

GM screen also comes with Critters, which is a real book that's out of print and therefore offered by online only.

I've bought SR4 only as an e-book and will be getting Arsenal and Street Magic the same way when they come out. I wish the hardback came with the ebook, but as I refuse to buy both, I choose the ebook.

I would probably pay a bit more than the regular hardback price for one that came with the ebook though.
knasser -- BattleCorps often does deals where you can pre-order the print book and get the eBook at the same time, but they're usually only available as pre-order specials, until the book is available; so there's a window of a month or so where you can order it that way. I'm sure they'll be doing that with the upcoming big SR releases.
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