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Full Version: Another cry for help - Matrix Generator
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About 5 years and 3 computers ago, I found a very nifty little generator for matrix nodes with included security sheafs (<-is that even a word?).

Now, I'm actually going to USE a damned decker, and I was looking for it.

Any links?



MotherF^&King SOB

- Simply Google for "shadowrun matrix generator".

Of course I didn't find it the first time, the ADSL cord had fallen out.
Pray, excuse my stupidity.

Crusher Bob
Shadowrun Matrix Generator

Your Google-fu is weak, old man. cyber.gif
One thing I would /love/ to see would be this done for SR3. Could make games a bit more interesting, at least in my opinion. Deckers could do their own thing while the gm is dealing with the rest of the group or whatever.
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