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Full Version: Cyberlimbs
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If I have a character who has 2 Arms / 2 Legs / Torso, all with augmented Body upgrades in their cyber limbs of 4, making each a (3+4) 7. and they have a natural body of 2, what body is used when people fire at them?

I assumed it was

(7+7+7+7+7+2)/6 Rounding Down to 6 Body, is this correct?

- DgrenJ
Samaels Ghost
The example on pg. 335 with Critical George in it pretty much confirms that you're right.

If he gets shot, however, he uses the average value of his Body attributes, rounded down....
What about for their physical damage track? Do they use their natural or average body when calculating the length of the track. Is it 14 (8+2/2+5) or 16 (8+6/2+5) boxes?
I go by the augmented body for figuring damage track, but that is just my way. I could see arguements for either way, since each limb already gives +1 to the damage track. I think this question falls into the many vague areas of cyberlimb rules, that hopefully will be addressed in upcoming books. Still, cyberlimbs are +10 on the cool factor.
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