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Full Version: Ram Damage vs people in vehicle
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I just need this one questioned answered please. When one car rams another and they both have occupants who all takes damage and how much ?? See below for example:

Car A has 4 passengers.
Car B has 2 passangers.

Car A successfully rams Car B.

Car A makes a damage resistance test against half the damage it inflicted.
Car A's driver makes a vehicle test with threshold of 2
Car A's passengers make a damage resistance test against ???? (or do they?)

Car B makes a damage resistence test against the full damage.
Car B's driver makes a vehicle test with a threshold of 3
Car B's passengers make a damage resistance test against ??????

Car A and B's passengers use Body+half impact armor + vehicle armor to resist the damage ??
Ahhhh i think i finally understand. People dont get hurt when two cars ram only when one car rams a person. Then they resist the damage with body + half impact armor (rounding up)
going by the "damage and passengers" part of page 162, it seems that ramming (and some other attacks) makes both the passengers and the vehicle roll against damage at the same time.

ie, anyone inside the attacking/ramming vehicle i would say roll against half damage. those inside the rammed vehicle roll against the full damage.

or if you want to be nice, have both roll against any damage that the vehicle wasnt able to soak up. so that if say a vehicle was hit for 20 boxes and managed to take care of 10 of them, resulting in 10 damage to the vehicle, the people inside the vehicle roll against a 10 box attack. but thats purly a spur of the moment houserule.

so by the looks of it:

car A rolls against half damage
car A's rigger rolls a treshold 2 crash test
car A's passengers rolls against the same damage that the vehicle have to roll against

car B rolls against full damage
car B's rigger rolls a treshold 3 crash test
car B's passengers rolls against the same damage that the vehicle have to roll against
The one thing i love about shadowrun is that almost every rule can start with "It depends on the situation..."

Most of the time, i would rule that the occupants don't take any damage until the vehicle has surpassed the number of boxes it can take, then the damage goes on to the characters based on the situation. The side where the vehicle was hit, those characters would take more damage than those on the opposite side, and i would give bonuses for seat belts, roll cages and etc..., and give them penalties for stuff like no seat belts and such. In most craches the all parties will survive.

But then, in most of my games the cars just don't get rammed. They get rammed, crashed into other cars (which count as another ram) usually flip over and then catch fire, depending on the mood i'm in.
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