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Full Version: Suppressive Fire
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Lets say I declare suppressive fire to an area, say a narrow hallway, and someone enters that hall, they have to roll vs. the suppressive fire, my question is if they choose to continue moving up the hallway after entering it and taking damage, do they continue to make "suppressive fire checks" each step they take?

- DgrenJ
They take a suppressive fire check every time their turn to act in an Initiative Pass comes around, AND they're still in the suppressive fire zone, AND they do something that isn't either dropping prone or diving for cover. Since you can move a number of meters in a single action, every single step is not going to cause you to take fire.
*as Kneecapper the dwarf sits around the corner of a long hallway firing his LMG on full auto blindly back down the hallway he curses at himself in dwarven dialect for being so clumbsy as to bump into a 2 meter tall troll ganger and spilling his beer and then trying to apologize for it*
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