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Full Version: Additional Cyberlimbs and new rigger options?
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As im consumed with trying to find some reason why you would subscribe cyberwear to your commlink i came up with a pretty kool idea.

#1. Are there any rules to ADDING cyberlimbs to somebody?? Like having a street sam with 4 arms.

#2. My thought was a rigger or decker could piggy back on a street samurai with this new wireless technology crap.

If a street sam has two cyber eyes and atleast one cyberarm with smartlinks he could subscribe one eyeball and the cyberarm to a hacker/rigger

What if a street sam had 2 extra limbs installed and whatever needed to let someone else use and shoot with them??

Sure in this circumstance they could be hacked and subsequently make the street sam blow his own brains out or a team mates but they could make it secure. And couldnt you whip up some friendly fire program that shuts down the cyberware if it attempts to target one of your own? How would an enemy hacker find that program?

Does cyberware have a hard limit of only one IC program?? What if its linked to other things wouldnt those other nodes be able to send their IC or alert the teams hacker if one of the implants were compromised.

Would it be possable to capture some street bum, cyber his butt up to .1 essense and then cram a personafix into his datajack or whatever(and weld it shut heh) and have your own living breathing cyberzombie to control with a rigger? (there would be tons of antihacker software in the poor guy, maybe an enemy could breach his systems for a turn or two but you would never totally lose control.)
Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't most of the arm strength and movement come from the pectoral area?

Also, what's the point of adding extra cyber-eyes? Wouldn't it be cheaper to just get a camera to have the rigger subscribe to?
a cyberarm is a cyberarm it doesnt matter where it gets its muscalur function from ?? Whats your point? Oh as far as having extra arms? I think thats being a little to technical. its 2070 and you can replace virtually any body part and your telling me no you cant add extra arms beause it doesnt connect to the pectoral muscles?

And i didnt mean an extra set of eyes. I just meant a street sam who had both his eyes cybered could give one of them to the rigger to control for aiming the gun/using the arm. Yeah i guess your right. That info from the arm/smartlink could just be sent to the rigger and displayed in a window or something huh?
There are those cyber weapon mounts, from the Cybertechnology book. One of the options there is an articulated am mounted to your back. Might throw you off balance having someone else fire weapons mounted to your body, but otherwise sounds cool.

QUOTE (Abaddon)
a cyberarm is a cyberarm it doesnt matter where it gets its muscalur function from ?? Whats your point?

Well, it matters because the body works as a whole, not as self-contained entities. Where the strength comes from for a particular range of motion varies, but certainly an arm would be pretty useless without those pectoral muscles. Same goes for the deltoid muscles (shoulders). If there's just some arm sticking out at a right angle from your rib-cage which can bend in one dimension from the elbow, it's only functional purpose would be as a girl-repellent.

If you wanted an additional pair of arms, you'd have to have a very very customised cyber torso. You'd also have to consider that the human brain and nervous system is evolved for four limbs, so there'd be some pretty heavy modification needed there too. Granted, using custom software a rigger could probably control an arm if need be. I suppose the correct programs on your commlink would enable you to control your own arm too. But do you really want to be entering commands to move your arm, rather than instinctive action?

Given that something like this would be unique, the costs for such a system would skyrocket. It would also give you the single most distinctive looking character in the history of stealth ops.

If you just want to turn your Samurai into [more of] a walking gun platform, I'd come up with some sort of harness system that the rigger can control. Smalll weapons only though. It's going to be annoying enough for the samurai to get repeated punches in random directions from the attached gun's recoil, without going burst fire.

Sorry, but I really don't think this is compatible with a realistic game. But if you want an unrealistic one, you should at least require a custom cyber-torso.
It seems possible to me, Knassers harness idea sounds more plausible, especially considering most people don't want to be a walking science experiment. But really, why have this poor soul be a really expensive drone?

I had thought in the past (this is a munchkin thought, so I aplogize) that a way to make a real bad ass would be to make a Rigger with a control rig, and a cyberarm that wasn't wired up normally, that he controlled like a drone. My understanding is (from previous editions, and I might be remembering wrong) that losing the arm dosen't lose the essence, it's the neural connections and whatnot supposidly. Regardless, I thought it would be interesting, and also thought it would be another way for him to squeeze out +2 dice with his weapon because he would use the control rig to attack with his arm.
Or they could just build a huge anthroform and let the rigger ride and shoot from that... smile.gif
ok going with your therory about needing another arm for a weapon and cybereyes for sight, why not have the rigger/hacker view from the communit it has a camera built into it or better yet buy a weapon platform from the book and mount it to one of his shoulders (dosent have to be cyberwared) and have him control that like a gun in predator ( he would have sight and you could buy smartlink for it giving it the +2 and from what I have been told the sensor on it would give your sam, rigger/hacker friend a 360' vision for a certan area) if hooked into his com you could give the sam battletac grinbig.gif
Dunno if you'd need any vision things on top of that, since all smartguns have gun-cams...
James McMurray
It should be possible, but you're better off just sending in a drone or two. You'll have better armor and faster speed, not to mention you won't be tied to the street sam's position.
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