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Full Version: Summoning Spirits
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I just wanted to make sure I had the summoning rules right, and so here's my question.

Do you have to buy an ability/skill/spell to summon spirits, and if you have it, can you then just do it on the fly as it were (I understand that binding them requires effort, but if, for example, a mage wanted to summon a fire elemental to take out a bunch of goons shooting at him, he'd be able to do so there & then, right?)

Also, do you have to take the skill seperately for each type of spirit?
James McMurray
You need the Conjuring Skill to summon.

Summoning can be done on the fly (one unbound spirit at a time).

You don't need seperate skills, but you can get a specialization in a specific type of spirit and get +2 dice for those.
Ok, thanks for clearing that up smile.gif
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