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Full Version: Important knowledge skills for a street doc?
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I'm working on a street doc/combat medic character, and I'm wondering what would be some important knowledge skills to complement the active skills. I understand the distinction between academic knowledge and active skills, so I know some important skills would be Biology (Physiology), Chemistry (Pharmaceutical), Psychology, and probably Engineering (Cybernetics). However, when it comes to "professional" knowledge skills, I'm having trouble determining whether or not a knowledge skill would be redundant with Medicine or Cybertechnology. For example, the description for Cybertechnology is:

Cybertechnology is the ability to create and care for
cybernetics and bioware, possessed primarily by inventors,
medical professionals and cyberdocs. Th is skill also includes
knowledge about the current state of the field of cybertechnology
and the ability to repair damaged cyberware. A proper
facility and the right materials are needed to manufacture cyberwareŚ
see Using Technical Skills to Build or Repair, p. 125.

So would a professional knowledge skill like "Cybertech Design" be necessary to represent the character's education on how cybertechnology functions and how it's built, or is that already covered by the Cybertechnology active skill? Furthermore, is it necessary to have a knowledge skill like "Surgical Procedures," or is that already covered by the Medicine active skill?

Also, outside the realm of purely professional/academic knowledge, what are some other kinds of knowledge skills you think would be important for a street doc?
Cybertechnology seems to adequately cover knowing how 'ware works and is built. A skill like 'Cybertech Design' might be appropriate for a researcher who is inventing NEW forms of cyberware (as opposed to installing existing stuff or building/repairing/modifying known designs).

A street doc should have First Aid in addition to Medicine, as a side note...First Aid being what you use when someone pounds on your door at 4 am and is bleeding on your Welcome mat.

Contacts would be important for a street doc. If you're in the business of patching people up, no questions asked, you need to have enough connections that people will treat your clinic as neutral turf.

Oh yeah, I know First Aid's important (I took the whole Biotech Skill Group.) Regarding contacts, the ones I made up are mainly suppliers of one sort or another (hospital supplies, medicines, cybertech parts.)
I think I'd consider one Mafia contact or similar.

"Yeah, I patched up that meatbag you blew holes in last week. But before you get all worked up about my not just letting him die, lemme point out two things. First, the next trog ribcage I pull flechettes out of at oh-dark-thirty might be yours. And second...Uncle Enzo was very pleased with the bit of elective surgery I did for him last year, and he'd be a mite put out if I weren't here when his next checkup rolled around. He might take it personal-like."
Chemistry and/or pharmacology might be good. Psychiatry, veterinary medicine (hey, not everyone got their start on metas!), or plastic surgery might be tie-ins to a prior legit career. Familiarity with a variety of things on the street (like a Gang Rituals skill... "I've seen this before... he's going to have slivers of metal jammed into his abdominal wall, trust me," or a Street Drugs skill... "He's jammed up on Black Kay, a nanodrug... I even try an MRI on him, and the shitty street-grade nano they're using in there's gonna turn his brain into wet tissue paper the minute that magnetic field hits him") might be helpful in some situations, or at least provide some flavor. Other background skills might include things like Military, Police or EMS Procedure skills (depending on his background), things he may have picked up along the way like Drive Ground Vehicle (Ambulance), Pilot Vectored Thrust (AV-4), or Extrication (the art of pulling people out of wrecked cars, partially collapsed structures, and the like, without killing them or yourself).
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