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Full Version: New Spell: Dreamwalk
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emo samurai
M * Touch * (DV= f/2 + 1) * Manipulation

The cast rolls spellcasting + magic against the target's willpower + counterspelling. The caster then has control of the subject's dreams while he's asleep for a number of hours equal to the net hits. The subject can willingly extend this period for as long as he's asleep.
Crusher Bob
Should be sustained. SR magic dosen't really have 'lingering effects' like that. Anything ongoing is sustained.
There was a spell like that in SR3 (Dream Sequence or sth like that).
And yes, this spell was and should be sustained in sr4.
emo samurai
Okay... that changes nothing really meaningful, but it does make it in tune with the rules. Thanks!

I think my dude will use it both to intimidate dumbasses and to help out patients.
@emo: BTW I'm beginning to like your ideas. You're not concidering growin up, are you wink.gif ? (No insult intended, i always liked you. you kinda reminded me of Slam-O)
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