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Full Version: Correct order of Shadowrun Books
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Does anyone have a clue what the correct order of Shadowrun books(sourcebooks, rulebooks, and novels) are, either by out-of-character publishing/release date or by in-character date?
This page and this page by Gurth should give you some idea, of the actual chronological dates

As for the novels, Into the Shadows was first as a trade paperback anthology by FASA. Then comes all the Roc novels. The first chapter of Into the Shadows was the first chapter of Never Deal with a Dragon.

The publishing order of the Roc novels novels is as follows, though that's not chronological order. For example, Into the Shadows and Wolf and Raven take place in 2050. Shadowplay takes place before Streets of Blood. There's usually dates that tell the reader when the novel takes place.

Never Deal With A Dragon, Secrets of Power Trilogy, Part I by Robert N. Charette
Choose Your Enemies Carefully, Secrets of Power Trilogy, Part II by Robert N. Charette
Find Your Own Truth, Secrets of Power Trilogy, Part III by Robert N. Charette
2XS by Nigel Findley
Changeling by Chris Kubasik
Never Trust An Elf by Robert N. Charette
Into the Shadows
Streets of Blood by Carl Sargent and Marc Gascoigne
Shadowplay by Nigel Findley
Night's Pawn by Tom Dowd
Striper Assassin by Nyx Smith
Lone Wolf by Nigel D. Findley
Fade to Black by Nyx Smith
Nosferatu by Carl Sargent and Marcg Gascoigne
Burning Bright by Tom Dowd
Who Hunts the Hunter? by Nyx Smith
House of the Sun by Nigel D. Findley
Worlds Without End by Caroline Spector
Just Compensation by Robert N. Charette
Black Madonna by Carl Sargent and Marc Gascoigne
Preying for Keeps by Mel Odom
Dead Air by Jak Koke
The Lucifer Deck by Lisa Smedman
Steel Rain by Nyx Smith
Shadowboxer by Nicholas Pollotta
Stranger Souls, Dragon Heart Trilogy, Part I by Jak Koke
Headhunters by Mel Odom
Clockwork Asylum, Dragon Heart Trilogy, Part II by Jak Koke
Blood Sport by Lisa Smedman
Beyond the Pale, Dragon Heart Trilogy, Part III by Jak Koke
Technobabel by Stephen Kenson
Wolf and Raven by Michael A. Stackpole
Psychotrope by Lisa Smedman
The Terminus Experiment by Jonathan E. Bond and Jak Koke
Run Hard, Die Fast by Mel Odom
Crossroads by Stephen Kenson
The Forever Drug by Lisa Smedman
Ragnarock by Stephen Kenson
Tails You Lose by Lisa Smedman
The Burning Time by Stephen Kenson

There's also the new line of novels after Wizkids acquired the Shadowrun license
Born to Run by Stephen Kenson
Poison Agendas by Stephen Kenson
Fallen Angels by Stephen Kenson
Drops of Corruption by Jason M. Hardy
Aftershocks by Jean Rabe and John Helfers
Gurth has a list of sourcebooks and adventures with in-character dates, but it hasn't been updated for a long, long time:

There's been some discussion about generating an up to date list on the Sixth World Wiki, I believe.
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