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Full Version: Imaginary SR-artwork!
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Drawn in Prescott style:
We see a child, a girl approximately 6-8 years of age. She is walking and the image frame cuts out her legs from below the kneecaps, "camera" viewing close, slightly from the right. She is wearing thick pants and an ordinary children winters jacket, plus a scarf for the cold. Her hair is long and straight, with a light tone. Her right hand is holding a grown-up's hand, a parent, whom is standing just outside the left image frame.

With her left arm she is tightly clenching a huge stuffed animal against her; A Fuzzy Dunkie™. The doll has a long thin snout with a goofy smile, little uneven teeth pointing out here and there, complete with over-sized eyeballs looking in different directions. The body is even-coloured and generous on the stuffing with a visible seam along the stomach. It's limbs are merely round stumps as with most toys of it's kind and underneath it sports a little dinosaur-style tail. There are no visible wings (they are pretty small and are obscured by the body).

The background is spare; An abstract street-scene with business windows, some non-detailed-pedestrians and a christmas decoration hanging over a street.

The girl is looking at something far right of the "camera", her jaw dropping open in a overjoyed 'look over there mom/dad!'-expression. Her large, somewhat elongated, incisors on lower jaw indicate her Orc lineage. The doll's front is aimed towards whatever capturing it's owners attention, but it would probably have trouble focusing, would it possess sight.

Damn why is drawing a talent meant only for some!? frown.gif
Well, not to get off topic, but uh, like anything certain people have a talent for drawing, doesn't mean that only those people can become decent at it.

I'd make and example using the SR system about folks with a low base attribute dumping the high needed amounts of karma to get a skill up to a high level, but I'll simply use a cliched, yet true statement saying that it's the people that enjoy and want to draw that keep doing it and consequently get better. Some people have it easier than others obviously, but if you want to, start working on it. I'm not great by any means, I'm just a schlub who decided to start working on it 2 and half years ago. But I will say I'm a lot better than when I started.
Morphling The Pretender
I think you are forgetting the old adage: If you aren't good when you first try, give up, because you are never going to get any better. Stupid.

At least, I think that's the adage. It's what my grandpappy used to tell me, right after leaving the opium den for a buggy ride about the park for a merry old time. (That's right, I live in 1930s England. We can't all be cool and be from 'the future,' you discriminating discriminators.)
That adage is the reason i don't play basketball.

There is some truth in it when it comes to my athletic skill on the court.

Baseball, football, Tennis, i can do all of them.

Just not basketball.

Oh well i need at least on flaw to off set my perfection. wobble.gif
Kanada Ten
A dim lit room. Seen a small, cramped corner with two well-worn couches and a chrome hookah between them. Colorful fiber optic cables run from the hookah into the heads of the couchs' occcupents. Their faces seem blissful, bodies limp. Several open Simsense packages lie on the floor about them, along with a filled ash tray - complete with still smoking cigerette - and multiple half dranken alcohol bottles.
A team of runners attempting to barricade a door, insect spirits clearly visible through the doorway. While the team is blocking access, one member of the team against the far wall puts his gun to his head and prepares to pull the trigger.

A drawing in pencil, minimal shading.

An ork, shot only down to the top of his shoulders, looking up but with only the slightest inclination relative to the 'camera'. His ears are sticking out sideways almost comically. His jaw is hanging down, and his eyes are empty, as if he's seeing God and just soiled himself while giving Him the deer-in-the-headlights stare. But this is not the case, as we see a bullethole drilled straight through the back of his head, very clean and large, giving the impression of being a third eye.
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