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Full Version: Question about running SR Missions
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I'm gearing up to run the first Missions adventures with some friends next week. Without going in to too many gory details, how do you handle SINners? I don't know if any of the characters are going to have that particular feature, but I thought it might be good to be prepared.
Well first i thought about how i would try to remove my sinner status. I thought it would make a kool hacker mission to go in and try to wipe someone's file but i think that information would be stored ALL over the place. But you could be lenient and let them do it.

From a gamemaster standpoint i dont know. The first thing that came to mind is that the mr johnson would find out about it from face recognition software or some crap and then he would have a nice tight stranglehold on that runner and could blackmail him into doing all kinds of things. Most certainly making him put his life at risk more than usual. That character would most certainly be double crossed by the johnson and set up to take a fall or get sent into enemy territory to accomplish a goal and then once the runners succeeds the johnson would just cut and run and leave the runner to fend for himself with no way out lol.

The only other real area it should come into play is when the characters are trying to do something legally or with stealth, like crossing borders or flying someplace or something else.

Maybe a fellow prisoner or somebody from their old life when they had a SIN(a coworker) recognizes them and messes things up for the runner by pointing them out to the law for various reasons. Another prisoner would do so to get a favor of some kind. An old friend might think your in trouble and tell the police thinking they are helping you.

Otherwise its not gonna be much of a problem because runners can get fake sins and switch identity almost at will. They are by very nature covert.
There is a forum for SR Missions, as well as a thread specifically for character creation questions.
Traffic over in the other forum seems to be far slower, and it's actually a question about how a GM might handle a character (particularly if you're expecting the players to choose a book AT as their character - the players will all be 1st timers to SR). I've posted my question there though, and hopefully someone will post some ideas before I run the game -- if not I'll wing it like Opus from Bloom County, much to my players' horror. grinbig.gif
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