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Full Version: The adventures of Dudukain
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So, we're called up by a man who refuses to give us his name. He apparently desperately wants this artifact that was recently stolen from a museum. He offers us 1000 up front and 2000 upon us giving it to him.

Dudukain calls up his fixer to try and figure out where we should look for him. Turns out it was probably stolen by a guy called Johnny Korn, who recently got out of jail. The tracker the police put on him was last seen in this alleyway. We go to the alleyway, all we see is two dumpsters. Dudukain suspects and ambush, and grabs one of ariel's grenades and flings it in between the two, and they blow up. All we find is a broken tracker that had obviously been broken before the explosion.

We try another link, we manage to hunt down the location of a mafia boss. We knock on the door and a slot opens and a gun points out. "What do you want"

Dudukain grabs ariel's chainsaw and shoves it into the slot.

The door falls open and the guy stumbles back with his gun's barrel slashed in two.

Every person in the room draws their gun and points it at us.

Dudukain grabs one of Ariel's grenades, holds it up "one move and I pull the pin, put your guns away"

Everyone holsters their guns

The Kingpin comes out, clapping "very good"

We learn that Johnny Korn used to work for him, and he keeps tabs on him. We find out where he lives and Dudukain buys a grenade launcher. We also hire 10 of the Kingpin's men to assist us.

So we go to the apartment and storm it. Dudukain opens the door and pushes Ariel in first to check for traps. None. Ariel switches on the light and Dudukain dives outside in case of a trap. None. We search the apartment. Dudukain touches a pressure pad by accident and swears, but then a wall in front of him lifts up. We see the artifact behind bulletproof glass and protected by laser sensors. Dudukain moves around the laser sensors and attempts to lift the glass plate off the artifact, he succeeds, but then a keypad pops out of the wall. Turns out to remove the second layer of glass you need to enter a passcode. Dudukain tries 1-2-3-4, but that doesn't work. He then tries 1-1-2-3, and that does. He grabs the artifact and heriocally...

Begins making faces at one of the security cams. He then lifts up the artifact and...
"doesn't this thing go great with my clothes?"

An alarm goes off and Johnny Korn bursts through the doorway with a machine gun. Dudukain runs out and slashes his sword into johnny korn, and then Ariel fires her flamethrower at him.

Johnny Korn, covered with burns, falls to the ground.

A strange voice echoes from above "Darn. I should've made him stronger"

Turns out somebody heard the fighting, because we get a knock on the door "Police! Open up!"

Dudukain yells out "We've got an artifact to return to the museum"

Police: "Open UP!!!"


a little bit later...

Dudukain and Ariel crouch by the door, and Johnny Korn opens up the door, still covered with burns. The police fire like crazy at him and he falls to the ground. Dudukain "At least we won't have to worry about falling, the body will act as an anchor" Dudukain and Ariel Jump out the window holding onto a rope, and johnny korn's body starts dragging along the ground, when it gets to the window, it snaps in half, and Dudukain and Ariel fall a little.

Dudukain takes a few grenades "only one use for half a body"

Soon Johnny Korn's body is being twirled like a sling and is then launched into the building..


Huge Explosion...

Crowd in the street is silent...


One of the police's hats floats to the ground

The crowd begins screaming

Time to go.

Dudukain tries to convince Ariel we should give it back to the museum, but in the end they send it to him, plus a little extra, through fedex.

FedEx Employee, running it through the scanner: Birthday Present?
Dudukain: Nope, Halloween decoration
FedEx Employee: I was guessing Birthday

UnGMed portion:
******Mansion Unknown Location******
******Live Video Feed***************
*grainy video of large man picking up FedEx package*
"Excellent, it's here"
****sounds of unwrapping****
****Cannot see into package*********
*Zoom in*
**Genetic Reading**
***MATCH UP: Johnny Korn***

The End!
If dudu didnt start with a bad qaulity of addiction to drugs i would inflict one lol.

If johnny has been by the dumpsters with the artifact you would have been screwed? Killed johnny and unable to locate the artifact. Or killed johnny and blew up the artifact.

Good job though determining the RFID tag or whatever was broken after you blew it up with a grenade lol.

Im certainly glad to know it only takes a wussy chainsaw to cut down a mafia guys door. Im wondering how in the heck Ariel passed Dudu a chainsaw without the doorman blowing their brains out. Did they even attempt to hide there movements? Oh and if you couldnt even talk your way through the doorman how the hell did you get the maf boss to tell you anything or even give you guys to help out lmao ??

At johnny's apartment....what were the 10 mafia guys doing that you brought? How come there were no cops outside?

If the GM didnt like how fast you killed Johnny i as the GM would have definately sicked the cops on you. I know your trying to rack up a massive noteriety so you will be popular in jail and i think now you should be. Did any of the cops see you before they died. I would tell you that you are now a known criminal, if any corp or police force gets a discription or image of you cuasing more toruble they will know exactly who you are and they would be responding with alot more force the next time.

Whats the overall theme? Are you guys trying to be a bonnie and clyde or do you want to make the news by getting killed and be famous or do you want your guys to end up in jail?

I dont like how unprofessional your people act. Its like they are chipheads or something. Either you meant to play that way or the GM did a crappy job of describing how professional runners are and to what lengths they go to keep out of the light. By now they should have a reputation as wackjobs and unable to find normal work. They shuld only be able to get jobs from the person who is selling them the drugs they are taking lol.

Also why are those grenades so effective at killing everything in your games. That first mission you atleast used 2 grenades, Now you take out a whole room of cops with just one? bulldrek.

Those are just my observations. Im not heavily criticizing the way you play. I know if i was in your game i would be doing the same crazy stuff(to fit in lol).
Eh, everyone's new, including the GM.

Also, I forgot to mention.

Next time on the Adventures of Dudukain: Dudukain does a whole freakin' bunch of jobs for a mafia boss in exchange for a used cargo helicopter to open a smuggling business..,

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