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Full Version: Natural Weapon
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Samaels Ghost
Does a natural weapon do DV [whatever it is] only or is it also based on strength?

DV= [whatever] + STR/2
DV= [whatever]

Define a natural weapon? Although a troll with 15 strength should be able to slice through things with a dikote monosword alot better than a human decker i think the rules reflect that in combat, hitting a guy does not just depend on strength alone.
Samaels Ghost
Look at the Critter Powers section, it describes it there.
James McMurray
It si given in each specific critter's stats. It looks like it is usually DV = Str, but there are some exceptions (such as the shark's bite, which is S + 2 DV and the ghoul which is S - 2 (or perhaps S/2 + 1)).
Samaels Ghost
What I'm asking is whether STR/2 should be added to the listed DV.
James McMurray
Samaels Ghost
James McMurray
No prob. smile.gif
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