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Full Version: Enchanting & Power Focus Dice Question
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This a SR3 question. Page 108 MiTS under Aid Power says " The ally acts as a power focus...adding its Force in dice to any of its master's Magical Skill Tests each turn." This statement would seem to include Enchanting since Enchanting is a magical skill. Has anyone been playing this? How does it affect enchanting balance in your game? Enchanting is already very powerful and I am conerned this will make enchanting ridicuously easy.
Two things. First off you'll probably get better answers re-posting this on the general Shadowrun board, SR4 doesn't have rules for enchanting in print yet.

Secondly, I tend to agree with your conclusion that 1 Enchanting is a magic skill and 2 that allowing Allies to help makes it ridiculously easy. Fortunately in my group the mages never went down the enchanting road (too busy trying to get every metamagic ever invented) so I didn't have to come up with ways to keep them from going bonkers enchanting.
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