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Full Version: Adept Detective?
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Just something I was toying around with, what with everyone talking about Ritual magic to find people, an adept detective.

With powers such as Astral Perception, Improved taste, scent, hearing, etc. ; and some good ol' improved perception (the version that affects perception and assensing). Then toss on some good logic, charisma, intuition, along with skills in assensing (maybe focused in Psychometry), perception, the influence skill group.

And top it off with a helping of knowledge skills like Criminal Psychology, Forensics, anthropology, drugs.

Probably would work better as a contact or an NPC chasing the runner though.
Samaels Ghost
Include Urban Tracking for those dramatic scene reinactments like in Bonndock Saints.
I made an adept detective and he turned out great. Most of the adepts I've run into tend to be ninja or stealth types and it was nice to make something different.
I was thinking about something like that in the Give Sammies a little love thread.

I really love the idea of a Spirit/Ghost hunting adept.
Astral Perception, some mystic armor, a weapon focus and some assensing. Knowledge of Summoning/Banishing. Occult knowledges. Investigation skills, and contacts. Very tres chic....

But going full investigator sounds like a fun role too.

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