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Full Version: Can You Start With A Homunculus?
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I'm building a 3rd Ed UMT mage who is starting with a(n empty) homunculus. However, I can't fid what the cost of a homunculus would be.

Does anybody know (or have a reasonable guess) to what a cost would be?

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Well, what is it made out of?I mean I could make one out of papper clips if I wanted to..that would cost um one nuyen..
The thing is, a homunculus is just another kind of focus, right? And foci are expensive to make, no?
All a focus realy requres is the time and effort of a skilled enchanter. Skilled enchanters are expensive. A character with the enchanting skill can make any type of focus at no cost otehr than basic matrials during downtime.
QUOTE (DrScheme)
I'm building a 3rd Ed UMT mage who is starting with a(n empty) homunculus.  However, I can't fid what the cost of a homunculus would be.

Does anybody know (or have a reasonable guess) to what a cost would be?

If you don't have the Enchanting skill yourself I'd go with the cost of a Power Focus (MitS 169). There are advantages and disadvantages to a metal caricature power focus that is automotive but at the same time permanently active and vulnerable to astral attack, Lone Star patrol, etc. Bonding it will eat your starting spell points at 5kp/Force.

Otherwise get Enchanting 6 (and might as well get Talismongery 6 (especially if using the optional rule where you get a number of levels in BackgroundSkill equal to ActiveSkill-3 for free)). With your starting funds buy an Enchanting Shop (Alchemy), Kit (Talismongery) (MitS 169) and radicals (MitS 170). This will provide a nuyen cost for your homunculus which is what you were looking for. You could buy Ally conjuring materials with your starting funds too if you want to be economic. Read MitS 40+ about creating your own foci to decide what radicals and how many to buy. You'll then either need to buy Lodge Materials / Hermetic Library or pay 3kp + (resources/#members) nuyen.gif to join a Magic Group that has a Lodge or Library you can use. Then you generate your Ally Formula (MitS 111). Then you create the Focus Formula (MitS 42). Inhabiting on p108 has more detail. Then you artifice your focus and bond it using the reduced first bonding costs, saving the remainder for buying spells. You now have an empty homunculus at chargen.

Designing each formula and artificing the focus all require time. Depending on the gm, this time may cost nuyen since lifestyle, contact upkeep, vehicle maintenance and magic group membership are all ongoing costs.
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I would guess there are no listed prices for homunculus because they are each unique to the ally that will inhabit them. A requirement for creating a homunculus focus is a copy of the formula used to create the ally, MitS.108.

If I tried to price a homunculus based on other foci, I would look at how it compares to other foci. Design time is the same as Centering and Spell Defense Foci, and greater than Specific Spell and Sustaining foci, MitS.43. Enchanting TN is between Centering and Spell Defense Foci and Specific Spell and Sustaining foci, MitS.44. Then compare First Bonding costs and see that the homunculus is the same as Specific Spell and Sustaining foci, MitS.45.

Armed with this info, I'd place the price of a homunculus focus somewhere between Specific Spell and Sustaining foci and Centering and Spell Defense foci, then look at foci prices, MitS.169.
Sustaining Focus = 15,000*F
Specific Spell Focus = 45,000*F
Homunculus Focus
Centering Focus = 75,000*F
Spell Defense Focus = 75,000*

On this basis, I would price the homunculus focus somewhere between 45,000*F and 75,000*F. Probably closer to 45,000*F because I would weigh the first bonding cost more heavily than the Design time, so probably 50,000*F or 60,000*F.
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