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Full Version: Looks Human Quaility
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I'm wondering exactly how far people take the 'Looks Human' Quality? The reason that I'm asking is that in a new campaign I'm starting, I have a player who wants to be an Ork Street Sammie with that Quality...



Just a small clarification...
I'd say for an orc utilizing the Looks Human quality, he probably doesn't have as pronounced tusks and maybe a little less orcish (that a word?) looking face. Maybe he would look similar to the typical bruiser, i.e. square jaw, pronounced eyeridges, etc.
In other words, HE LOOKS HUMAN!!

If someone looks at him, the person assumes it's a human. You can roll a perception test if you like, but without reason to doubt, there's no need for it.
If it's something important then rolling would probably make sense (like dealing with a meta hater), but they would have the -2 pool penalty for not specifically looking out for human looking metas.
he may allso encounter one of his own kind that thinks he have had plastic jobs done to look more human. oh the horror wink.gif
Aye, I was mostly wondering about the 'in most situations' clause in the Quality...
Zen Shooter01
I went around about this with a player... ohplease.gif

An ork with the Human-Looking quality will look at first glance like a burly, hairy human. An elf will look like a skinny human with high cheekbones. A dwarf will look like a short burly hairy human.

The quality is not a a perfect disguise. And why would you want it to be, anyway? As the description in the BBB states, it can cause the character trouble, too.

I had a player who insisted it was an impenetrable disguise. To what purpose, I don't know. "Nobody knows I'm secretly a dwarf, tee-hee-hee."

The major rules issue is that a chacter with this quality looks enough like a human that he doesn't suffer penalties when dealing with racists. The racists may not realize that the character is a meta, or they might think that the character is human enough to be acceptable.
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