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-Heavy Weapons and recoil. Im looking on sr4 pg140 at the Ranged Combat modifiers and it has Recoil for all the burst modes, and then it also has modifiers for heavy weapons. So..does that mean they are both supposed to be applied?

Oh i think i figured it out while typing lol.

A heavy weapon gets both modifiers. #1 for any uncompensated recoil and #2 for the burst mode used.

No wait i still dont understand. Lets take my sweet Ingram White Knight. 10 recoil. lets pretend it has been tricked out with shockpads and gyromounts and its built in gas vent. It now has 0 uncompensated recoil. Now i fire it on full auto. Thats -9 dice. Now what ?? Do my recoil compensators get to reduce that recoil also or no ??

-Do they have any killer guns that fire out bean bags or huge rubber bullets? I'd love to have a grenade luancher or something that fires out that size rounds but dont explode or anything. They might have a massive knockdown modifer attached to them or something and only do stun damage??
James McMurray
Heavy weapons suffer double uncompensated recoil. If your white knight has all it's recoil negated by accessories you'll feel no recoil when firing it. If it has 3 points of recoil left after modifiers, you'll suffer -6 dice.
gee that really answers the questions i asked. As in not at all.

Blue smurfs water run uphill firing moonlight???
James McMurray
What is your first question supposed to be then? Burst modifiers are recoil modifiers. Your recoil compensation doesn't reduce one and then the other, because they're the exact same thing. I tried to answer what made sense, because your question as written didn't fit the way the rules work, so couldn't be answered as a yes or no.

I missed the second question, but the "giant rubber bullets" are basically gel rounds. Bean Bags would be the same thing. You could create house rules for them if you wanted, but it's unnecessary IMO.

As for the question about blue smurfs, I suggest you see a therapist.
Samaels Ghost
QUOTE (Abbandon)
Lets take my sweet Ingram White Knight. 10 recoil.

Where did this number come from?
Let's say your White Knight has 9 Recoil Compensation (you don't need more)
You fire a Fully Automatic Burst which suffers from a -9 recoil modifier
Since you have 9 points of RC, that modifier is negated

If you had 8 RC instead, leaving a -1 recoil modifier, you would suffer a -2 mod on your shot because it is a heavy weapon.

Take (Burst Fire negative modifier - Recoil Compensation) times 2 = the negative to your shot

James McMurray
Be careful. That answer apparently sends him into convulsions about smurfs and waterfalls. wink.gif
Ahhh i see my mistake. I thought heavy weapons had a base recoil and also suffered the recoil of any burst they fired. I thought this because i had written down my IWK's total recoil compensation of 10 and mistook it for its base recoil.

So i was trying to figure out how you compensate for the base recoil and also compensate for the burst fire recoil. But there is no base recoil.

I will refer all you laughing people to the topic and point to the word newbie.
Hey, I think the SR4 boards are relatively kind to newbies. They've answered -my- dumb questions before.

I think they do laugh, however, when you offer a smartass response after someone tries to answer your question. smile.gif
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