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Full Version: Ever had a run go like this?
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I have...

Okay, so partially an excuse to throw up an amusing SR-esque video, and partially an actual question.
[ Spoiler ]
"Oh, knickers" is officially my new favorite quote-of-the-moment.
Calvin Hobbes
We once kidnapped the wrong mark. The anti-human troll and the Elven prince from Tir Tairngire broke into the hotel room an hour early to set an ambush, saw a brown-haired guy, vaguely (very vaugely) matching the mark's description, so we kidnapped him, brought him to the meet, and the Johnson ordered us shot. We survived, and learned to take the knowledge skill "identifying faces".
In one of my frustrated, overtired GM moments, the players spent hours planning how to bust into a place. They pulled it off, and overcame all security and resistance. Then none of them could recall what it was they had been sent to get. I was too pissed off by that point to remind them, (Bad GM! BAD!) so they burned the place down, including the hardware they were sent for.

Another time, a poorly played and very stereotypical elf-with-ponytail-wired III-and-katana went to a meet to sell off some data, and a fight broke out when the original owners showed up. Not bothering to consider anything like third party involvement, EWPWTK proceded to kill everyone he could locate, because someone shot at him. To be honest, I was quite fascinated by what he was doing, so I kept mentioning other people (inquisitive neighbors and well meaning passers by) "running up to the scene." That was all it took; he just kept the slaughter going.

He doesn't play with us anymore, and I make sure I get enough rest before GMing.

Funny video, by the way.
We often break into song, yes. wink.gif
I just downloaded Stars of CCTV, the album this song comes from, on iTunes. It comes with an "interactive booklet" that has links to this music video, as well as two alternate videos. The other two videos are more professional-looking, but obviously not as awesome because they're not as shadowrunny. (I feel obligated to mention that one of the videos is NSFW.)

Anyway, in addition to "Cash Machine," I feel that there are two other great songs that would fit in beautifully in an SR campaign, namely "Feltham Is Singing Out" and "Stars of CCTV." The other songs fit pretty well too; the only exception is "Middle Eastern Holiday," a topical song about the current war in Iraq. I highly recommend this album to all who liked the video.[/shameless plug]
Just a day ago, I ran a game with this very simple premise:
1. Capture or kill this courier
2. Steal a certain data disk she carried
3. Capture or kill the decker who gave it to her

...and despite knowing where she would be and when before the dropoff, and what she looked like, allowing an ambush in a location of their choosing, they found out she lived in this one neighborhood, and wandered around for two hours looking for her Yamaha so they could find her apartment.

It ended with a back-alley gunfight in a classy part of town and the two adepts realizing how bad it'd be to have gunfire and a dead body in this kind of place. So they run a few blocks, stop, and...

"Great. Now all we have to do is get the decker, get the disk back to the fixer, and we're done. You check the body?"
"...did you?"

The gun adept ran, while the Neo imitator ran back to find it, meeting up with the shaman on his way. After about an hour of being nearly caught over and over, the mage and troll finally got them to stop trying to take on Lone Star and try something else.

Not quite grabbing the wrong item. More forgetting to grab the item to begin with.
My intrepid runners were assigned the task of liberating a prototype model of a new ares firearm. Since it was recently displayed in a news report, they broke into the PR office to find out where it went (not a bad plan, actually). When the got to the office of the guy featured in the news clip, they found it sitting in a box on the desk. Wasn't even padded.

I mentioned that it seemed extradordinarily light for an assault rifle, like 6 oz, and that there was no ammo with it, nothing. They grabbed a display model. Completely non-functional, even for a prototype, but it looked really good.

Of course, that ended up better than the time they tried to use the prototype. It's a prototype for a reason! Darn thing misfired after 2 shots, and ended up giving the Sam an excuse to upgrade his cyberarm.
I had a slightly complicated set-up where the players got themselves hired to kidnap an exec from a luxury hotel. And I do mean 'got themselves hired' in that they knew that it was their arch-enemy who was hiring the Johnson, so they wanted to get to the target themselves and stop the Johnson and arch-enemy getting hold of him. Plus they had to work alongside some NPC runners who they had to keep in the dark about what was really going on. Two of those were basically 'innocent' shadowrunners, but one was a direct agent of the arch-enemy sent to ensure the job went right and to 'tie up any loose ends afterwards'.

Phew. Got that?

Anyway, what the players knew, but the Johnson and the 'innocent' NPC runners didn't, was that this exec was really Bernard Cross (Lucien's nephew) on the run and incognito.

After days of preparation they got themselves into the high-security hotel, but noticed on the way that two of Cross's entourage had just gone out. 'Great', they thought, 'that's two less to worry about', and promptly nabbed Cross.

Except after using mind probe they realised to their horror that this wasn't Cross but a body double, and in all likelihood one of the absent entourage (now outside the high security hotel) was the real Cross in disguise. Cue frenzied break-out of the building they'd spent ages breaking into, and frantic chase through city streets.

Best moment was when I reminded them what the title of this episode was (and had been all along, quite openly and writ large on the header of the forum where we discuss our games between sessions). Double Cross.

Ooh the look on their faces. wink.gif
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