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Full Version: The Fast and the Furious
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Thorn Black
Hi. I would like some help putting together a house rule (or maybe help clarifying the RAW) for street racing.

One of my characters has a fast and the furious style street racer who wants to start racing for pinks. Only the shadowrun vehicle rules don't seem to capture the essence of a race.

I also want to "Shadowrun" up the race, I am thinking maybe passengers trying to shoot out tyres, or hackers trying to gain access to the vehicles computer to tinker with the fuel mix and timing etc.

As an aside, the vehicle list in SR4 is very short, and I am thinking of converting up some of the vehicles from the Rigger Black Book, any ideas on how to do this without messing with the game system too much.

Help will be really apreciated.
Yes I've wanted to do something like this, but I never thought it out too clearly.

Pilot doesn't need to be the only relevant skill. You could perhaps find opportunities to test Navigation, Gunnery, Body (for coping with an extreme G-force?), Mechanic (for those fixing-on-the-fly moments, ala the pod race in Phantom Menace) and perhaps some others.

Likewise, speed alone doesn't need to be the only relevant vehicle stat. Acceleration might be more important. Handling may be relevant in places. Body & Armor may not just affect how tough you are but also, in the reverse direction, what kind of spaces you can fit through.

I guess what I would do is create a linear set of tests of different skills, with custom test modifiers based on vehicle stats (e.g. sometimes Body gives you a plus, sometimes a minus). Would take a bit of working out, but it might be one way.
yep, a scoot can get in close on a redlined westwind these days wink.gif

thing is that the SR4 vehicle combat rules are not so much buildt for racing as they are for urban chases in and out of traffic. in a enviroment like that manouverability can have more to say then flat out top speed.

a scoot will give the driver a +1 on the driver test, the westwind +3. that should allow the westwind driver to select the range most of the time.

what is it you most often see in a urban car chase? its not flat out speed, it manouvering in and out of traffic, up on sidewalks to avoid a parked truck maybe, some hair-pin turns to get into a alley and so on.

want flat out racing? do like you do sprinting. running acceleration plus any hits *5 made on a driver test for all drivers involved. that, added to the current speed is your new speed.

but how to add gun fights and similar on top of that, i have no clue frown.gif
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