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Full Version: Datajack Anyone?
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Paralyzed man masters thought control
Brain power used to control computer, operate robotic limb
This was just on the news last night. Amazing stuff. Hopefully they'll invent trodes sooner than SR so I don't lose any essence smile.gif
Completly amazing! It almost makes me wanting to be infirm and test this thing up.

Imagine the potential...
There is a farmer up in the north-central US that had his arms ripped off, he now has two mechanical arms that he can wear. They are controlled by induction points in his chest where the surgeons relocated the ends of the nerves from his arm.

He has recently had the experience of feeling directional pressure on his "hands" (yes, the ones that are no longer there except as prosthesis) because of the feedback at the points on his chest. The human mind has an amazing capacity to adapt to the stimuli presented to it.
well, the Datajack is only half the way there, so far from what I've read it seems that they're only able to take info out of the brain, not put info into it right now.

But still, I'll settle for half way any day.
Ahh, just one more step towards SR... we are inching our way forward, can't wait till 2011.... But the wierd thing is, I saw this story in the newspaper, and the same day at work, read a thing about RFIDs in the Weekly World News..... very odd...
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