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Full Version: Mutant motorbike!
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CNN story

Ooohh... I want one! *

* Even if there's no snow here. biggrin.gif
Herald of Verjigorm
Hyanide n. contraction: a merge of the words hyena and cyanide. More explicitly, a way to kill yourself that will leave all the spectators laughing for days.
That's effin awesome. Great definition btw, Herald.
Umm, the track deforms into a crescent shape to turn? I can imagine a lot of turns at more than 5 mph ending up on FOX's "When Hyanide Turns to Homocide"
interesting idea, but not sure i like the way its supposed to be controled in a turn. more often then not on a bike you just lean into the turn rather then move the controls.


did a bit of digging via google and came up with this:

more pictures of the vehicle, some pictures of a sister vehicle, and a whole lot of other vehicles (check out that hummer/lamborgini hybrid called the grand torro).
wicked concept.

just needs more firepower.
QUOTE (Fix-it)
wicked concept.

just needs more firepower.

Ahhh, the rigger's motto.
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