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Full Version: A-Team (Shadowrun Style)
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When I saw the "class" Face, the idea of A-Team just jumped into my head. The fact that I was able to pick up the seasons at Best Buy for $20 each helped a little.

So how about the rest of the characters?

Would you use a metahuman for BA?

How about Murdock? Would he be a Rigger?

And I'm not quite sure what I would make Hannibal.

Any character ideas here?

I also would twist the storyline, where the A-Team are corporate security folks that escaped from a megacorp for crimes they did not commit.

What do you think? Is the above a decent playable game? The Shadowruns would, of course, be jobs. And instead of going to a Mr Johnson, the Mr Johnson would find the A-Team.
Cool idea, just a few thoughts....

For an A-Team styled game, I wouldn't use Johnson's, I would use regular people that need help. THat scroung enough nuyen.gif together to hire the team. PLus the team will be able to make more nuyen.gif with the equip / data they get from the jobs.

I'm thinking Troll or Ork for BA.

Mr. Smith on the other hand is a tuff call, maybe more of a jack of all trades or something.

Well, if I got a contract for a 2070 remake of the original A-Team series, it wouild probably run like this :

Hannibal : Human Streetsam - team leader and specialist for tactics. Good physical stats, some Synaptic Accelerators, Cybersenses and a nice Celebral Booster. More non-obvious stuff like bioware, not the classical cyber-stuff.

Face : Elf, of course. Decadent and lazy as ever. 'Might even be worth to update his sexual tastes to 2070 standards (1980s were so prude ...)

B.A. : Orc ! (largest metahuman group, largest target audience wink.gif) Some nice Cyber (Simrig, Wired Reflexes, Muscle Replacement !), and good Unarmed Combat and Pilot Ground Craft (Van).

Murdock : Time to go all-out-crazy ... how about a rigging Coyote Shaman Changeling ? The less sense it makes, the better suited ...

... oh, and don't forget to hire a nova-hot human actress for the NewsScoop. Update her role from supporting cast to main cast, and make sure she has a crush with every good-looking guest actor (whether male or female, meta or not ... Just have her show her skin ...)

Add an old contact of them who now acts as Fixer to set up jobs who works at Ares Arms and supports them with nice weapons and gear if they need it [Note to assistant : We'll go over Ares' offer for product placement at dinner. 21 at your place. Wear that nice black dress I bought you as a present last week on that business trip to Toronto]

And of course the only villains should be Japanocorps and organized crime, gangs, and some shadowrunner thrown in for good measure ...

Oh, and that guy who's after them : UCAS Military is still fine, perhaps you can even try to get good enough material to use a holo-image of the original actor. If not, use any other guy you can find who looks incompetent enough that not even UCAS Military would keep him around ... yes, that might be difficult, that's why I proposed the holo.

That might run a season or two.
Oh man, I loved that show. The way they could go into a junkyard and convert an old van into a tank in 30 minutes always kept me rolling. rotfl.gif

I'd say BA would definitely have to be a troll. He was always the biggest baddest dude in the show and I could only imagine a troll with maxed out strength + muscle replacement pulling that off. Lots of ranks in intimidation too since he had a habit of scaring off bad guys with just a sneer. Also unarmed, heavy weapons, automatics, and throwing weapons (lobbed) skill. Also, what was it BA wouldn't do? Fly? Definitely a phobia for that.

I like most of Phobos's other character ideas, though I might add a cyber arm or leg to hannibal (lost in in the wars.)

Murdock would definitely be a rigger, more than a little off, but most of his insanity is an act. He would have to have a Virtual Pet as well, how many episodes did he talk to an invisible dog? Now, he could actually see it.
QUOTE (bigdrewp)
Murdock would definitely be a rigger, more than a little off, but most of his insanity is an act. He would have to have a Virtual Pet as well, how many episodes did he talk to an invisible dog? Now, he could actually see it.

I could see Murdock as having a virtual person as well.
except that it wouldn't be some lame supermodel, Trideo, or Sports Star.
Nope, Mudock's virtual person would be Murdock.
An ever-changing virtual person.
Hannibal would have to be an immortal elf with the looks human trait, seriously no one learns that much crap in one lifetime. Not to mention he's devious, manipulative, and loves every second of it.

BA as a troll, phobia(severe: flying), no performance enhancing ware though because it sets a bad example for the children. Oh! Maybe a troll phys ad.

Face should stay human but with maxed out social skills and charisma, tailored pheremones, allergy(mild: physical labor), and enhanced articulation. Also a datajack and knowsofts "Miss Prissy Pants' Etiquette for Sleazy Bars and Boardrooms", "The Complete Art of Trans-Meta Love Making", and "Kama Sutra: Zero gravity Edition"

Murdock, SURGEd ferret rigger who claims to be an eagle shaman who botched a shapechange spell because his left hand wouldn't shut up and hates him. Also monkeys.

I'd watch it.
The BA troll would also need an addiction to milk.
Hannibal: Human sammy with knowsofts up the wazoo.

Face: Elven, uh, face. With bioware and crap. Yea, thats it.

BA: Ork physad with uber punching power.

Murdoch: Dwarven vehicle technomancer with a BTL-fried brain.
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