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Full Version: Enhanced Perception and Hacking
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Fairly self-explanatory. I was just going to ask the question, but then I figured I could make it a poll so why not?
Essentially: I think there are already adept powers that can enhance hacking ability, such as Improved Ability on technical skills. I was just wondering how far the AdeptHacker concept could go.
Samaels Ghost
Enhanced Perception, no.
The matrix is based off of your mind and how it interacts with a computer. This means everyone on the matrix sees the matrix the same way regardless of their natural abilities. You can't see thermo in the matrix, you can't see lowlight. You can only see the matrix.
The enhanced perception power only adds to tests made using the perception skill. Thus it dose not add to matrix perception, astral perception or checks to realize that the person your badmouthing is standing behind you.

the enhanced perception power does add to astral perception. Check it out on p187 of th BBB.

QUOTE (SR4 page 187)

Enhanced Perception
.25 per level
        This power sharpens your senses. Each level provides an additional die for Perception Tests (p. 117), including Assensing Tests. You can not have more Enhanced Pereception dice than your Intuition attribute

I wouldn't allow it to count on Matrix perception as this doesn't really on your own finely honed senses.
I read the Enhanced Perception power as adding dice to all perception tests and not just perception tests using the perception skill. So I would allow the Enhanced Perception power to add to all perception tests, visual, hearing (bad mouthing behind you), magical, rigging, or matrix.

I don't believe the power enhances any single sense, but rather all your senses, and not just physically but also your ability to find details or pick out what is important. Its a magical power and I don't think it really needs a technical description... its magic.
I'm not averse to adding enhanced perception to astral tests, but matrix perception is more a factor of how effective your commlink is at displaying information and scanning matrix objects. Consequently your magically enhanced sense of things around the real you shouldn't really be applicable to detecting virtual entities within the matrix.

This sits quite well with my view of magic not getting on terribly well with tech.
I'd let it handle any physical perception check and the astral ones (as it's pretty obviously written to enhance them, too), but not Matrix-based ones.
well, just because the Matrix displays the same way for everyone doesn't mean everyone will see it the same way. if enhanced perception makes your eyes and ears better, sure, that won't help in the Matrix. but if it makes your brain more able to pick out important details, it should.
Fair enough, quite a few reolies and votes. One way I figured it would work is if it affected your ability to understand what you saw rather than representing actually having finer eyesight. I guess that Adept Hackers will just have to settle for +2 dice on computer tests in general.
Physical/Astral uses

Perception + Intuition

Matrix replaces the attribute with program (intuition with analyze)

and computer skill makes up the difference. Your better off taking the code-something trait for +2 one type of matrix action (perception tests).

Also techno's get a free +2 to MP
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