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I created different cards to use for Gear, Weapons, Contacts, and Armor. I made them so my players and I could keep better track of what item was kept where by using the 9 pocket pages to represent home, vehicle, carried, etc.
Also, they provide a nice visual aid, and a quick reference for the players about their equipment.

They're in Publisher, because I'm po' and can't afford Adobe products, but if anyone is interested, I'll see about hosting them somewhere to make them available. (Suggestions on file hosting sites is appreciated)
I'd most definately be interested in the cards.

For the file hosting, you can look into some of the free services. They require sign up, so use a junk email address to save yourself some spam. Examples include: File Lodge and Streamload

A Google search will turn up a host of others.

You could also go with a transient solution such as You Send It or Rapid Share, but those will only hold the file for a certain numbers of downloads or length of time.
That's a brilliant idea. I'd be interested in downloading those.
I'd be happy to host them on my Shadowrun Resources site.
I'll convert it for you if you want. PM me.
I'd love to see them, thinking about doing something very simular so would like to get some ideas or just copy. smile.gif
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