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With the overwhelming presence of wireless technology in the Shadowrun setting, as GM's, how do you integrate it into the way you present the "world" around your player's characters? How much does it flavor things whenever you get into the details of what the characters see/hear/etc. when describing their surroundings?
For example, one of the things I noticed in the SR Missions download "The Grab" was how it's mentioned that a restaurant menu pops into view when the characters step inside the business. It's stuff like that which I'd like pointers on, to help me do a better job as GM. Thanks.
The SR4 game that I ran set in 2070, communication was instantaneous.

One thing was that before the fixer would meet them, he'd ask to have one of the characters share their image link feed and scan the room so he'd know if he was being set up.

Or that multiple conversations could occur at once, so the fixer while talking to the runners about the drop, was also going to meet them, and was communicating to another courrier to meet him near by to take the drop item away.
One of the extra-cool things that AR does for the game is that all table-talk is feasible in-game. There's no more hushing of meta-game information, with the exception of astrally projecting magicians.

Try this, Schaeffer. Re-read the sections of the book about the wireless world. Then head out to a mall, stroll around, and try to think what it would be like if the various people, shops, and other entities could just beam you information. Imagine what comparison shopping would be like if you could pop up the information on each offered bit of merchandise side-by-side with reviews from the Intertubes.* If you think about it, especially while you're watching the way our modern world works and what AR could do for it, you'll start to get it.

*By "Intertubes" I mean the Internet. This is a bit of a pop culture reference and a bit of political satire. If you still don't get it, click here.
John Stewart explains the InterTubes here.

this and the next 2 have him making a tech support call to our favorite isp wink.gif
(ted stevens that is)
QUOTE (hobgoblin @ Jul 22 2006, 09:55 AM)
this and the next 2 have him making a tech support call to our favorite isp wink.gif
(ted stevens that is)

Ted Stevens is an ISP? (Ew ... icky mental picture.) Although it's nice to see people who watch and read the same stuff I do.

Although ... hm. That makes me think of technomancer as server. That's another thread, though.
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