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Full Version: Favorite SR adventure?
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emo samurai
What's your favorite SR adventure? Harlequin, for the IEE politicking? Harlequin's Back for the epic Good vs. Evil story? UB for the creepiness?
First Run--where else does a cyberzombie roll down with an entire Red Samurai squad? And did we mention that this is all happening in the warehouse district of Bellevue? Or that it was designed for runners that are fresh out of the box without any karma?

The scenario has been known to kill veteran players and noobs alike.

Beyond that, I was fond of Survival of the Fittest, but I'm a sucker for the Great Dragons...
"Double exposure".

It's the adventure where a FBI agent blackmails a team into infiltrating "Project Hope", a barrens revival project that enlists homeless to rebuild Redmond

Renraku secretly pays most of the bills, FBI knows that but wants to know why. So does a few other actors like Aztechonology.

Renraku is in it so it gets the chance to test cutting edge experimental cyberware on a few of the homeless.

What no one knows, including Renraku, is that the Universal Brotherhood is behind Project Hope. And one of the camp is a hive...

This was the most fun I ever had running an undercover type of scenario. And back before the bugs became cliché, the reveal that they were knee deep in a hive was a genuinely horrifying moment.

And it was also a major event in the world of SR ; it's the incident during which UCAS finds out about the bugs and the last stepping stone before Chicago. In some supplements, they refer to this incident and mention "some runner" bringing the situation to the attention of the UCAS. Yep, our runner. Whoever played this adventure.

There was another Universal Brotherhood adventure before that but if memory serves it ends up with nobody believing the runner so the ending isn't as satisfying as Double Exposure's.
Queen Euphoria!

Possessed sim-sense startlets, giant ants and much much more!

Well okay, not that much more, to be honest. But possessed sim-sense startlets and giant ants! Woo-hoo!

So much of Bull's original campaign spun out of that Module, espeically Kyle Morgan and Perianwyr, who become reoccuring foes for our PCs. Hell, that's one of the reasons I latched onto Peri and wrote him up for DotSW.

I've since played through Mecurial with various characters 3 times, and I've GMed it for different groups 4 times. It's become the Shadowrun equivelant of "Keep on the Borderlands" for me ("Keep" is one of the original Basic D&D modules that came with an early boxed set, and almost every older Roleplayer has run through it at least once, and many of us old grognards have played it many, many times.).

All the bug modules come a close second. Since they were all also interwoven into my original campaign (We were running in Chicago two years prior to Bug Cities release smile.gif), they hold a special place in me heart.

"Survival of the Fittest" I think ranks third, because it was a neat campaign. I've only gotten to run a couple of the adventures in it, but I'd love the chance to use it in conjunction with a new game sometime, mixing the adventures in with regular ones.

"Dragon Hunt" I've just always had fun with. Good run, lots of legwork, though I've found there's a glitch with it because it assumes the PCs will do a very specific thing to get some info, and I've yet to have a group that's done that. So I always have to imrpovise another way for them to find that clue.

"Elven Fire" I ad fun with, but mostly because I have a completely different adventure that I run with it. Basically, I have the events of Elven Fire go on in the background of my game, basically an NPC Runner Team is doing it, and botching it. So for a couple sessions, the PCs just get to deal with escalating gang wars. Then tehy end up stuck in the middle of all out gang war and martial law when they're hired to find a missing daughter who's fallen in love with an Ancients lieutenant.

It's a damn shame the adventure sjust don't sell anymore frown.gif Some of them were a lot of fun.

My favorites are:

Missing Blood (Universal Brotherhood) and Queen Euphoria: This was back when the bug plot was still unfolding and we had no idea what was coming. Those were some of the best sessions of our whole campaign.

Divided Assets: That's the one with the kid. Our group is very roleplaying-oriented, and this one gave us some really nice chances to get into character.

Harlequin's Back: It shaped a lot of our future interactions.

Survival of the Fittest: Great Dragons, baby! Winterhawk keeps a tally of the dragons he's met, and this series is giving him a lot of new chances to add to it. smile.gif
Hey, if I'm running a bunch of runners in pre-Bug City Chicago (five months before canon, but I'm considering lessening/extending the exact date), would you recommend using any of the other bug modules? I want them to be surprised/freaked-out/trapped when the CZ goes up, but at the same time, I don't want them to be wholly underprepared.
Desert Bus Run!!!
Zooooooooooombie Attack!
SL James
Even better. Zombies! - a game set in modern-day where the players stat themselves and then face an onslaught of zombies. Good times.
Universal Brotherhood stands out in my head as the creepiest module to date.

One of these days, my precious players, one of these days...
emo samurai
Is it creepy if you've fought bug spirits regularly?
Maybe, depends on the kind of detail you go in to about what they see.

If they're constantly in hives and seeing the inner workings of it, then probably not.

But if it's just bugs popping out of holes in the ground or whatever, it's a distinct possibility.

The other part of its creepiness is the cult factor of the UB. Scientologists ain't got nothin' on these guys.
It'd be a toss-up between Mercurial and Dreamchipper. Loved those and they really had an impact on how SR campaigns were shaped in our group.
QUOTE (SL James)
Even better. Zombies! - a game set in modern-day where the players stat themselves and then face an onslaught of zombies. Good times.

Like the cool All Flesh Must Be Eaten? cool.gif
I would say First Run but only because of something one of my players did.

The player played a compulsive Aztlan decker who was a recovering alcoholic. In the middle of the second escape he shot a Red Samurai that was crossing into the middle of the parking complex and managed to kill him. He then failed a compulsion test, ran out into the middle of the complex, tore the Samurai's heart out of his chest and stood there screaming a warcry at the top of his lungs, all while the other Red Samurai were blasting away at him. The real kicker: The Red Samurai MISSED! Every single one of their bursts missed him. Definitely one of the coolest moments ever.

I also liked Celtic Double-Cross and Paradise Lost because they introduced areas in the game world that I always wondered about: Tir Na nOg and Hawai'i.
SL James
QUOTE (Grinder)
QUOTE (SL James @ Jul 31 2006, 01:18 AM)
Even better. Zombies! - a game set in modern-day where the players stat themselves and then face an onslaught of zombies. Good times.

Like the cool All Flesh Must Be Eaten? cool.gif

I guess. But this was played using SR rules.
i don't think there was ever a game on SL with a higher PC bodycount than Zombies!, either.

also... alcoholics are compelled to rip out the hearts of their enemies?
SL James
I'd do that (well, I'd like to think I would since I am a sadistic evil bastard), but I'd also need like Str 33 to punch through Red Sam armor (using the Melee vs Barrier rules in SR3) and then punch through his aluminum bone lacing (another Barrier cool.gif to even get to his heart. IOW, that's one crazy fucking decker.

But, yeah. That's a pretty crazy side-effect of alcoholism. "If I don't get a beer, I'm going to rip out someone's fucking heart!" Actually, come to think of it, I have been that drunk (although it was vodka, not beer).
maybe it's a traditional greeting, in Aztlan? "hi, pleased to meet you!" *SCHLORP*
SL James
Only on holidays.
QUOTE (nezumi)
Desert Bus Run!!!


Maria Mercurial for me, never got to play through HB. Double Exposure is the only bug scenario I've played, and it was great, but our gm threw in an story-driven astral encounter in Mercurial that made me fear/revere the Azzies ever since. Plus, Perianwyr charging us through a window might be one of my most epic rpg moments ever.
QUOTE (SL James)
QUOTE (Grinder @ Jul 31 2006, 02:05 AM)
QUOTE (SL James @ Jul 31 2006, 01:18 AM)
Even better. Zombies! - a game set in modern-day where the players stat themselves and then face an onslaught of zombies. Good times.

Like the cool All Flesh Must Be Eaten? cool.gif

I guess. But this was played using SR rules.

Bottled Demon

I've never as a GM gotten to watch my players screw themselves over so royally, or have so much fun doing it, as with this adventure.
Haven't read this thread, but I think it needs a spoilerwarning smile.gif.
Double Exposure, seconded. I've run that adventure no less than six times, always with a different group. I love the expressions people get when they realize what's going on.

My favorite to play/see played is EASILY the UCAS Commando mission from "Missions." It's like Metal Gear Solid on a pound of mescaline, and with larger-bore weapons.
Mercurial because we got to kill a dragon, my GM's 14 year old daughter got to use her Singing 6 skill to sing a duet with Maria and last but not least my priest character got to marry Maria and her beau after they were reunited. I have played many priest chracters in many games but this was the first one that got to perform a marriage. I got them a set of engraved tricked out SPAS-22 and Ares Viperguns for a wedding gift. And I did some fine Trid illusions various places around Seattle for week to let them have a press free honeymoon.
is this gonna be a standup fight sir, or just another bug hunt?

My group had just gotten about half way through Euphoria when i had to leave, wished i could have gotten through the rest of Harlequin, (which we were about 3/4ths through) and fighting our way out of prodject hope was a pain. This time, since we new we were dealing with bugs, we were loading heavy, high level weapon foci, insecticide grenades and lots of APDS and EXexplosive rounds.
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