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Full Version: Monobolo , Mononet ammo ?
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Has there ever been other types of monowire weapons? I love bolas/bolos? And i was also thinking about a weapon like the predator has that shoots web net that tightens?

My mono bolo idea is that its a ball with two or three tips or spikes around the center. You throw it and mechanisms in the ball make it spin and it releases the tips/spikes which are attached to monowire. When you pick the bolo back up you just press a button and it retracts the wire.

My other idea is some kinda net gun. It either shoots out 2 bullets/spears/tips/spikes with a single piece of wire between them or 4 things and a net.

possable? not possable? suggested stats?

Shit i think i would make a character specializing in chucking bolo's if these existed hehe.
Officially, there were bola shotgun rounds in Cannon Companion that were described as being attached by monofilament strands... but they only increased power and called for a knockdown test, so it's likely they didn't use that monofilament. There were also net guns written up in the Corporate Security book and Cannon Companion.

Though printed materials aside, I had a GM once who gave my char a couple boxes of bola rounds that used cutting monowire - which came in handy when we had to hole up in an abandoned hotel in Azania after tweaking off a pack of feral sasabonsam. It was more a cutscene rather than a full dice-rolling combat, so the actual damage code wasn't really an issue - but I'd assume either rendering damage as a successful monowhip strike or the "running into monowire" dcode would be appropriate. Maybe even bumping the wound level up to D b/c of how much more force would be behind the hit when the wire wraps around you.

As for regular bolas - I'd imagine you could use a hybrid of the net and bola round rules - standard to-hit and dodge test using Throwing Weapons, and if you win, they have to resist Knockdown. If you used monowire to connect them, a damage-soak test wouldn't be out of line, probably using the "walking" modifier.
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