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There are no Availability numbers for raw materials or orichalcum. Anybody got some they are using? I specifically looking for an Availability for raw gold ore and orichalcum.
I guess it depends on the GM. I suppose that as long as you have the Nuyen for it you can buy it from your Talismonger. Or make it yourself with the proper skills and resources.
Isnt that covered in the main 3ed rule book?
QUOTE (warrior_allanon)
Isnt that covered in the main 3ed rule book?

No, the main book does not go into that detail.

Ritual Materials are 3/24 hrs, and they use refined materials, so I would guess that refined materials are more readily available than 3/24 hrs. Raw materials should then be at least as available, likely any talismonger has them in stock or has a shipment on order.

Orichalcum? the highest availability for any magic item is 8/72 hrs, so orichalcum should likely be a bit more available.
Adam Selene
Did anybody else have a heart attack thinking that the thread poster's subject matter was the decreasing availability of copies of Magic in the Shadows?
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