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Full Version: brain in a jar?
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i dont know if i should be scared or excited...
I'm scared.
Scared and excited.

I wonder how you could go about watching "live human brain cells in real-time action". That'd be even more rad than this is, if a little less sensational.
I see no mention of Dr. Halberstam in this article, how could Wired have made such an omission? smile.gif
SL James
MCT paid them off not to mention him.
I look forward to the stage where I can put lumps of my brain on autonomous robots and then reincorporate them back into me.

No more boring dishes, I'll just get the 'dish washing lump' to handle it.
Hmmm, cultured brain
Now when your computer gives you a BSD, it really IS because it doesn't like you.
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