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Full Version: I'd rather be lucky than good...
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Did you ever have a character that consistently did very well at something he didn't specialize in, or something he just wasn't (on paper) very skilled at?

For example, I've got a street sam that can crack any lock, provided it's electronic, and he's working under pressure.

He started off with a mighty rating of 3 in Electronics and Electronics B/R... On the first ever Electronics roll he ever made in play - to crack a heavily secured door on the off-chance it'd work - he got three 6s, followed by more high rolls.

As it turns out, it was the start of a trend. He fails on non-essential rolls as often as anybody, but if it's important, and he has no real business being able to open it, he has yet to fail, in about a year and a half of play. (and his skill is now a massive 5)

Last night, he was taking a stab at a security door in an Ares facility. My GM's response when I asked whether he thought it looked feasible, or whether he just ought to break out the burning bar was along the lines of "Well, nothing is impossible". So, naturally, he rolled two 17s. smile.gif (and the rigger, who's supposed to be our technical expert, with related skills at 6 since character generation, was tearing her hair out)
James McMurray
In D&D we had a dwarven wizard with no diplomatic skills and a low charisma, but every time he talked to someone they liked him a lot because he rolled well. The running joke is that "Suck my dick" is dwarven for "Hello, I'm very pleased to meet you. Could you help me please?"
well, my main character, Italy, is really good at taking S+3 damage. does that count?
All my characters have a knack at getting themselves into deep shit and seperated from the group. And then surviving them.
Frag-o Delux
My second character to make it to retirement (third character created), willing retirement that is. Has a stable worth of horse shoes up his ass.

I have a block of dice (12 I think) that I only use for him. They are legitimate dice, totally legal, meaning they arent loaded or shaved. They roll like hell for any character I use them with, except him.

All his skills are around 3 except pistols which was 6 for 90% of his career. No matter what I tired or had to resist, if I used those blue dice he passed. He was technically a rigger that liked to venture out into the real world and not always be stuck in the get away car. He had no real social skills (ettiquet (street) 3) or a high Charisma (3).

After a year or so of playing him he was able to get better gear then his fixer could. Through collecting contacts and being amazingly lucky there wasnt much he couldnt get ahold of easily, everything else took a bit of time, but he got it sooner or later.

I retired the character a couple years ago because it was getting boring. But its got so bad that the other players still use him as a contact. So I let the GM run him as a fixer. Only characters that know him can use him, the player cant make up a new character and choose my character as their contact. He does get handed down through generations of characters because hes an NPC now, at the GMs discretion.
I've been accused of loaded dice before. There is a miniatures board game called Hybrid by Rackham Miniatures. I enjoy it and so do my friends. Regardless, you roll a d10 to determine success or failure. a 1 is a critical success; you do two wounds instead of one in offence, you can counter attack your opponent on defence, etc. I rolled four ones in a row, and that allowed a very wounded character to destroy three enemy soldiers, a huge monster, and three little harrassment units.

The die was promptly smashed with a hammer by my friend Andy. And I didn't mind because I switched them out near the end of the game.
once, in a game of Risk, i had two units in the northern american country that completely decimated an attacking force of twenty units. do not fuck with the Mounties.
Quirky dice have resulted in a number of roleplaying revelations for me. The biggest ones happened during a long running Robotech RPG campaign.

My character was this demolitions expert who was inhumanly tough, due to lucky dice rolls at chargen (not super strong, but he could take a punch like nobody's business). He had a variety of weapon skills (that all military personnel get) but his specialty was with revolvers, particularly his custom one with explosive ammo.

Anyway, after numerous missions and the characters had been established a bit, our team found themselves chasing some bad guys on the external service catwalks for a Bespin-type floating city. Periodically, strong winds forced everyone to make checks to see if we were knocked over/blown off the catwalk. And if so, a second check to see if we managed to avoid plummetting to our deaths. These winds also affected us when doing anything else out there (like fight the bad guys). The rest of the team was for the mot part ok. But when it came to my character? I failed. Every. Single. One. Fortunately, I either made the second check to catch the railing, or one of the other team members caught me, but the entire time we were out there I was practically hanging on by two fingers.

We managed to get back inside and rest, and while we were doing so, we (IC and OOC) mused about my bizarre rolling. Thinking about the situation a bit, it hit me: my character had never been exposed to any long drops or high places throughout the campaign. My character was afraid of heights.

In the IC part of the game, my character slowly regaining his composure confessed to the rest of the group about his fear, and how he hid it for so long since he didn't want to be kicked out of the miltary for it. It was an amazing RP session that strayed quite a bit from what was originally going to happen, and the session got pushed back, but it was interesting to see how some dice rolls can affect your character. I got tons of RP experience for that session.

As for luck with firearms, he tended to roll crap with assault rifles or other rapid fire guns, and was ok with other stuff. He rarely used his uber revolver, but when he did, it turned the tide of battle. I think I only ever fired it 4 or 5 times throughout the whole campaign but each time I did, every single time, I rolled a natural 20 called shot to the head along with max damage. The effect was every person I fired at had their head explode in a wonderous fountain of blood.

The other bit of bizarre luck with this guy was towards the end of the campaign. For those who don't know, the Palladium RPG system kind of has something like Physical and Stun health counters, as well as Mega Damage, which is used for heavy vehicles. 1 MD point = 100 HP. As with most higher end Palladium stuff, there gets to be tons of MD body armor and handheld weapons which will turn a human to paste without said armor. In addition to HP, characters get a certain amount of overflow damage equal to their Endurance, so someone with END 20 can go down to -20 HP before dying. Considering all forms of health, my character could take 101 points of damage before dying.

Anyway, due to a string of circumstances my character found himself without armor staring down a heavy energy weapon. He failed the dodge. Now, I knew I was dead, but for fun the damage dice were rolled anyway, 1d6 MD (or 100 - 600 damage). The GM rolled a 1. Technically, I had 1HP left. Although there are rules for losing over 50% of your health that meant I whould have died, it was such an amazing coincidence that the GM ruled I could live long enough for other players to get to me.
I tend to have the opposite effect, I'm a walking bad luck charm for 99% of the campaign except for that one roll you're not supposed to win.
Herald of Verjigorm
My only tale that comes to mind was in Star Wars D6, rolling a 45 on a telekinesis test with only one die (well, it might have been 4 after dumping in all the karma pool like points I had available). Unfortunately, my TN to move the Star Destroyer far enough was 90, so I didn't make it.
Got really bad luck here, myself. I had 17 dice to roll(Skill plus all my combat pool) on a target number of 5 (3e) and didn't get one lousy success. Wich was kind of okay just embarrasing as I had time to make a second shot (never take a goul to a gunfight in a long corridor, keep them to small cramped rooms) same 17 dice. One 5 no 6's. Out of 34 damn dice I got one 5 eveything else was 4 and below.

I should just buy a lotto ticket and wait for the lightning. I agree with the OP. I'd rather be lucky than good.
I some how managed to annoy a player by having a guard kick him in the teeth, while the player was invisable and using a reach 1 sword. 8 dice with a TN of 13... and I got 3 sucesses.

If your reading whem ever you where, Im sorry, dreck happens sometimes.
child of insanity
if i'm gming, i roll so well that i _have_ to fudge rolls semi-often. but if i'm playing... bloody hell. my current char has intelligence 8, but has only once made that perception roll. last wednesday we kept having to make perception rolls. for 4 rolls in a row, with all 8 dice i didn't get a single die above 3. i remember getting for one of them 2 3's, 4 2's and the rest 1's. but when he's casting, he killed 2 fenris hounds with force 4 manabolts/stunball's at M dmg. absolutely no drain, and easily could have put them at deadly and still walked away without any drain.
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